10 Easy Organization Items for Us All

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Are you always looking for something and was positive you had put it in a specific place? Is it a challenge for you to keep things tidy and neat? Let’s give you some ideas.

  1. Use Command Hooks to hold wire baskets beside your work table to put items in that are frequently used.
  2. Purchase one of those shoe storage hangers that goes over your door where you can store paints, mediums, and small surfaces to be painted in the future.
  3. Add a pegboard in front of your work space (remember to have a frame on the inside so you can have space between the wall and the pegboard for pegs to go into the holes). You can purchase baskets that fit onto a pegboard. Lots of fun peg hooks in the market to use!
    Use a pegboard behind your workspace!
  4. Use baskets with adhesive (i. e. Command) on the back of cabinet doors to hold varnishes, glues, etc.
  5. To assist with shelf storage, use magazine holders to store books and past magazine issues.
  6. Go to a garage sale and buy an old dresser for the drawers. Add rollers to the bottom of the drawer. This can hold paints perfectly and can be rolled under a bed then rolled to your painting table.
  7. Either purchase a piece of metal sheeting and frame it or spray with magnetic/metal spray foam board or Masonite to hang above your painting area. Glue on magnets to a stylus, to markers, to a tin can to hold pens/pencils/brushes, and to small baskets for holding small items. It is easy to just grab what you need and easy to put the item back on the magnetic board.
  8. Make use of baskets and fabric bins. Over the door leading into your painting room, add a shelf. Use those fabric bins or pretty baskets to hold items to be painted or extra paper towels and supplies. Or you can purchase a shoe holding shelf (IKEA, Target, etc.) to put on your table to add more upward space to hold those pretty baskets or fabric bins.
  9. Paint a clipboard to hold your pattern and photo. There are bases that the clipboard fits into to stand upright or you can hang it on the pegboard over your desk.
  10. If you use paint in a tube, clip on binder clips to the bottom and hang on a pegboard in front of you. Or you can easily put nails into a nicely painted piece of smooth plywood that can hang above your creating area.

Always, ALWAYS label anything you use for storage. It will assist you in finding an item. After all, we can’t remember where every little thing hides from us. Use chalkboard paper and a chalk pen for labeling. Or you can print out your list, mark off something when it is permanently removed, and update the list every 3 months or so.

With all these suggestions, you’ll have more time on your hands to sit with an issue of Painting World in your hands and relaxing with a glass of lemonade! AND you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are finally organized!

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