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Laura Rucker

There's so much we would love to put in each printed issue of Painting World Magazine, and there simply isn't room. Projects we wish we could include, news and information from our clever readers and talented designers, updates about all the fabulous companies and events happening out there, the list goes on and on and on! 

That's what this blog is all about, to include news, projects, information, FAQs, ideas and all the other goodies out there that can't fit into the magazine. We will be sending out a newsletter periodically to anyone who signed up to our email newsletter list letting you know when news is posted!

Some of the great things coming up soon:

  • Blog posts about anything we think you'll enjoy hearing about.
  • "Dear Margaret" section, where you can email our special author, Margaret Riley, with any questions you might have. Margaret is a long-time veteran of our industry and has worked in all sorts of cool companies around the country. If you have a question, she has the answer! Email your questions to her by clicking this link »
  • Companies & Suppliers with all the goods you're looking for! 
  • News & Events about painting, the Decorative Painting industry, trade shows, special classes, and anything else we hear about on the grapevine.
  • Product Reviews about all the new hot stuff out there that you've never heard of or were wondering about.
  • Tech Corner from the editor, Laura, who is an admitted geek and loves computers, the internet and painting!
  • Fun & Trendy things we happen to spot online or in other corners of the world, anything we think deserves a mention. 

We've got some other ideas in the pipeline too, and if you have anything you'd like to hear about, please leave a comment below! 


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  • Steven Finch on

    Great to have a publication about our industry!

  • Lynda Champlin on

    Thank you so much for sending me my missing issue. Love it.

  • Penny Heflin on

    I am so glad to finally see a magazine in print, I have missed this, I like to see a printed word and have a printed copy, thank you again

  • Barbara on

    I too took a lot of painting classes at the Cooperage on the Cape and miss it as well!! Am trying to get into it again and finish some of my projects…..

  • Carol Heinrich on

    Enjoying the magazine and posts on e-mail

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