Acrylic Paints on the Market

by Margaret Riley
When you walk down an aisle (not a wedding aisle) full of paints in your local craft store, do you ask yourself why so many paints? I do too! But through the years, I have seen many acrylic paints come and go.

My first acrylic paints were in a tube. The color selection was limited and had to be mixed to get “special colors.” Next came acrylic paint in small plastic 1-ounce containers with paint colors pre-mixed. These were pre-mixed with more colors to choose from than the tube acrylics, and were ready for you to enjoy instant painting without mixing. A 2-ounce bottle was invented and then the decorative painting industry came alive!

Today you can find acrylic paint by a variety of companies. Everyone has their preferences on paint. The best advice I can give you is to buy one bottle from each company and see which performs the best. Some acrylics are thick, which some artists find hard to blend and shade with. Other acrylics are very thin and perform best when teaching children how to paint or doing craft projects. Most acrylics have a sufficient amount of pigment in them. It is a matter of trial and error with any paint.

Some artists want just one brand and are dedicated to using just that company’s paint. I suggest to those that you try other brands. You never know, you might find that through the years another company has developed a product with better consistency than you have been using.

It is always heartbreaking to see an acrylic paint company leave the industry. I’ve seen some be very strong in the industry and then POOF! They are gone! Some companies have purchased other companies, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

There are so many colors to choose from, which is perfect for anyone who does not want to mix paint. So, which ever acrylic paint you like, enjoy it! Paint your heart away! Create, Create, Create!!!

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