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All I want for Christmas are….PAINTING TOOLS!!!! Heck with the front teeth! I want tools, tools, and more tools. After all, husbands get to load up on tools for their hobbies, and now is the time to campaign for your tools. But which ones should you ask for? Maybe I can be of some assistance. With Christmas rapidly approaching, you can make a list and post it on the mirror on his side of the bathroom! Hopefully, he will put it in his wallet and head out the door shopping (or wait until the last minute!). Lots of fun tools can be found on the internet! Be sure to tell that on your list.

If you are a beginner painter, you should already have palette paper and a brush/water basin. There are various kinds of palette paper out there that can accommodate the type of paint you are using (acrylics, oils, etc.). Maybe you need more? Brush/water basins come in different sizes and styles. You can always use another one!

There is a drying board out there in the market. It is approximately 12” x 18” and has very sharp points on it that holds up your wet painting. It is extremely nice to have when you are wanting to paint the opposite side and not have to wait until it dries completely. There are little pyramids that fit under your project to keep the wet side up to dry, too.


Ask for an Ott® Light! It is fabulous and give great lighting to your work area. You’ll need to be specific on which one you want. I have one that sits on my desk and a couple portable ones that I take when I go enjoy a class or travel in the RV. Since this is Christmas, ask for a couple! You know he’ll buy it for you!!!LOL!!

A nice paper towel holder that sits on your work area is a very nice item to own. Some artists have one mounted to a cabinet that hangs over their desk.

Having a stylus is a handy gadget to own. It will help you make perfect dots. And ask for a palette knife. Again, be specific with both of these tools as there are various sizes and shapes. If you aren’t specific, you’ll end up with a dozen palette knives (not that you can’t use them, but let’s not overload him figuring out which one to get you!).

If you have children, they are always wanting to buy something for Mom but have very limited funds. How about asking for a spray bottle? They can go to the local dollar type of store and buy one for a small amount of coins! A spray bottle is great to have on your table to keep paints from drying out too quickly, especially when you have a small fan on you. (And you can use that spray bottle for hot flashes, too!!! )

A small table top fan is wonderful to have if you are one that perspires a lot! I have one of those flat fans that I can wear around my neck. Wonderful invention! I’ve taken hand held fans to classes, too. These fans had to be invented by women!!!

Another item that children can purchase you is a nice container to hold your brushes in while painting at your work station. I still have my container that my oldest (who is now 42) purchased me when he was 4 years old! One of my greatest treasures!!! Always store those brushes upright with the bristle pointing upward….handle end down in the container. There are containers made specifically for paint brushes, too.

Kids can purchase a clipboard, too. An usual request? No, not really. It is great to hold instructions and the photo of the project that the designer had included for you to refer to when painting your project. Sometimes you can find a holder for the clipboard for it to stand upright. Some designers/artists hang it on a wall in front or beside them.

A rolling cart/suitcase that will hold all your supplies is a super nice gift to receive! Take a moment to browse through the internet to find one that will fit your needs. Most mass merchants have roll carts that will hold all your painting supplies! These are great if you take classes and have to take supplies from your work station. And if you go to a convention, they are priceless to have!

Ask for a tack cloth. This is something that will come in handy for wiping down wood that has been sanded. You’ll never be without it. I will give you a hint….when not using it, keep it in a jar with a lid.

I hope you get some of these tools to add to your work station. Husbands and children always appreciate thoughts of what you want to get.

Happy Holidays to each of you! ~Margaret Riley

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