An Altered Painter’s Palette

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By Riikka Kovasin

I really love doing altered items as I can really then use my imagination and have fun! This palette is an ode to a couple of mediums I love – gel medium, black gesso and Pan Pastels.

My name is Riikka Kovasin and I’m a mixed media influenced crafter from Finland. Playing with paints and mediums is my way to relax. I’m happy when I can get my fingers dirty and make collages and paper crafts.


Surface - A wooden palette

Paints by Prima Marketing and Pan Pastels
Black gesso
Phthalo Blue (PB15)
Turquoise (PG50/PB36)
Phthalo Green (PG7)
Rich Gold (911.5)
Light Gold (910.5)
Pearl Medium Fine – White (011)

Mediums/Other Products by Prima Marketing
3D Gloss Gel

Brushes by Prima Marketing
Brush set (962760)

Miscellaneous Supplies
Vintage ephemera like doily, old scissors, dried felt pens, Christmas decorations, flowers

Helpful Tip or Hint
When making the piece, concentrate to the shape of the items rather than to the color as everything will be painted black anyway!

Gather your supplies for the first couple of steps. Pick more items that you probably end up using so you don’t have to rummage through your drawers with mediums in your fingers.

Paint the palette with black gesso. This makes things so much easier with the doily later!
Use 3D Gel - gel medium as your adhesive and apply a doily to the palette.
Using the same adhesive, add different elements to the palette. Start with the flat items and go for the height. Gather the elements close to each other and partly on top of one another, too.
Let dry so that the elements will stay put. Drying time depends on the climate – in Finland that’s about over night.
Paint the elements black with black gesso. You can leave some of the metals as they are, if you wish.
After the gesso is dried, add colors using Pan Pastels. Start with the colored pastels. Apply to the composition and to the background, too.
Finish the look with the pearl medium and metallics. Add these only to the tops of the elements to highlight their shape.

You can leave the pastels as they are, but it might be wise to use a fixative on top. If the colors fade while you apply fixate, add more layers of Pan Pastels.


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    Love This! Thanks for sharing!

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