Antique Santa - Free Project by Diane Kellogg

Margaret Riley

Antique Santa
By Diane Marie Kellogg, Oil Creek Originals

How could you not want to paint this adorable Santa on a brick….yes, a brick. Diane does wonderful creations on landscape concrete and other surfaces that inspires you to pick up a brush and paint them all!

Standard 8” x 4” brick (Home Depot. Lowes or any lawn & garden store)

Royal & Langnickel
Aqualon Glaze/Wash R2700 1” (For base coating larger areas)
Aqualon Angled Shader R2160 1/2” (For shading & highlighting)
Aqualon Rounds R2250 Nos. 4, 8 (For base coating smaller areas)
Aqualon Liner R2595 10/0 (For line work)

DecoArt Americana Acrylics
Aloe 364, Antique Maroon 160, Black Forest Green 83, Black Plum 172, Bleached Sand 257, Blue Mist 178, Burlap 319, Burnt Umber 64, Deep Blush 137, Grey Storm 328, Heritage Brick 219, Lamp 67, Milk Chocolate 174, Pebble 303, Thicket 357, Warm Beige 78, Warm White 239, Watermelon Slice 324, Wedgewood Blue 38, White Peach 24

White Pencil – (Generals' Pastel Chalk or Charcoal White)
Flat black spray paint – (Wal-Mart)
Tim Holtz Layering Stencil THS080 Splash- (Cupboard Distributing – CDWood.Com)
DecoArt Americana Glamour Dust – Crystal DA537
Decoart Matte Metallics -Aged Bronze ADMMT09 (You may substitute any of DecoArt's regular metallics.)
DecoArt Americana Matte Spray
Craft Sponge

Click >>HERE<< for the line drawing.

Prepare cement by cleaning well. The easiest way to transfer the design is to base coat the brick with flat black spray paint, then trace over back of line drawing with white pencil, then trace design onto brick using stylus. Once traced, 'darken' lines with white pencil, as needed.


Base coat face with Warm Beige, shade with Deep Blush. The high light is White Peach. Cheeks are floated on with Heritage Brick. His eyes are Warm White, Lamp Black and Wedgewood Blue. Lashes are Lamp Black. His lip is based with Deep Blush, shaded with Heritage Brick. The high light is Warm White. Highlights on nose are done with Warm White, then dusted with Glamour Dust while still wet. (Glamour Dust is optional.)

His beard, eyebrows and mustache are based with Beached Sand, shaded with Burlap. The high light is Warm White.

His hat is based with Antique Maroon. The stenciled part is done with Heritage Brick, sponged on with the craft sponge. It is then shaded with Black Plum. The high light is Watermelon Slice. The bell on the end is based with the Matte Metallic, then shade with Burnt Umber. The brim is based with Burlap, shaded with Pebble. The high light is Bleached Sand.

The wavy line in the line drawing shows general placement of sponged foliage background. The background of the foliage is sponged on with Blue Mist. Placement of pines is shown on line drawing with short needles to show placement, be sure to extend and fill to look full, as shown in photos.

Holly Leaves - The holly leaves are based with Thicket, shaded with Grey Storm. The high light is Aloe. Line work is done with Black Forest Green. Leaves are tipped with Warm White, then dusted with Glamour Dust while still wet.
Pines – The branches are Milk Chocolate. The needles are done with Black Forest Green and Thicket.
The berries are dots made using the end of a paint brush and both Antique Maroon and Heritage Brick.


The background is done with Lamp Black. Dots of snow are Warm White with Glamour Dust added while dots are wet.

Spray with matte spray once all paint has dried. Applying glitter before you spray helps to preserve the glitter. For outdoor use, you may add a good quality outdoor finish of your choice, if desired.

Don't be afraid to try the pattern on other surfaces, enlarge for a piece of slate or reduce for a domino for a necklace. Try it on a piece of soap. You are only limited by your imagination. =0)

©2018 Diane Marie Kellogg – Oil Creek Originals
Oil Creek Originals PO Box 30053 Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

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  • Alejandra Buey on

    Amoroso Santa ! gracias por compartir Profesora Diane.
    Desde Puerto Madryn ,Chubut,Argentina.

  • Robin on

    Oh How Sweet is THAT?!?!?! Can’t wait to try one of her patterns! Thanks so much for the Freebie!

  • Joyce McKelvey on

    Great idea…..thanks.

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