Art-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Margaret Riley inspiration


By Margaret Riley


Halloween is just around the corner and time to get the costume under way! My oldest son is always so inventive on a costume. One year he dressed up as Bob Ross, had the huge palette plus a large fuzzy haired wig!


Think of a famous painting, such as the Mona Lisa. Dress up in black, wear a black wig, and hold a large gold frame. Just remember to not smile!


When my children were young, I’d try making their costumes. One year, I made a box of crayons with the child having a pointed hat on to make him appear like he was a crayon being pulled out of the crayon box. I believe he did place very high in a costume contest. 😊


How about being a tube of paint? You can tape together posterboard to make it into a tube. Make the label just like you see on a real tube of paint. Purchase one at the store for a pattern. Make a cap to wear…just like the cap on the tube. You can do a replica of a 2-ounce bottle of paint (no black cap needed) or a tube of oil paint.


Being a brush is pretty easy, too. Again, tape posterboard into a tube to fit around you. Paint it brown. Using a cone made from posterboard, bring yarn up from the bottom to the top (tie around the top. Tip the “brush ends” in a color to make the brush end appear that it has been dipped into a dollop of paint. You can always carry a palette (board cut into a palette shape with splashes of color on it).


Be a container of watercolors…you know, like the ones you had when you were a kid. Just cut a 2’ x 4’ piece of cardboard and spray paint white. Add squares of colored construction paper or foam sheets for the colors. Carry a rag mop (tie up the top and secure a piece of wire down the center to hold “brush hairs” upright) for a brush. Wear an artist hat/tam.


How about masquerading as a pad of drawing paper? All you have to do is put two pieces of ribbon (to go over each shoulder) between two pieces of white cardboard. Create a pencil to carry from a rolled-up piece of yellow posterboard. You can add lines, a “No. 2”, and a pink eraser, which will be pink construction paper. Add a stick person to your drawing paper!


All of us have an apron with paint all over it! Just wear it, make a huge palette with splashes of paint on it, and carry a large brush. Wah-la! You’ve got an original artist outfit! Wear “who you are” for this Halloween!!


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