Be My Valentine by Ruth Green

Margaret Riley


By Ruth Green

When I first saw these cute Tim Holtz’s Bird Crazy rubber stamps, I just had to smile! They each have a personality all their own. This Valentine Day’s Card evolved after purchasing those stamps. When I started the small canvas, I had no idea what these cute birds were going to be doing! I painted them again on watercolor paper to be sent as a Valentine Day card. I hope you can find many creative ways to share the smiles these cute stamps seem to pass along. I can’t wait to see what the birds will be up to the next time!


Small 5”x 7” canvas or any size of watercolor greeting card with envelope

Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylic
Lime Tree 21476E
Snow White 21884E
Plaid FolkArt Acrylic

Sunny Yellow 509

Plaid FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic
Pastel Turquoise 18119
Pink Rose 18112

Turquoise 18122

DecoArt Traditions Brushes
No. 12 flat (to basecoat)
No. 8 chisel blender

No. 3 round brush (for details)

Tim Holtz Collection:

Bird Crazy Stamps (Cms212) Available through,, and Michael’s Stores

Ranger Archival Ink

Color: Sepia (Acid free, permanent and waterproof)

Water Basin

Palette or foam disposable plate

Paper toweling

527 Glue

Rose Gold Cording (Dollar Tree)

White Gel Pen (optional)

Glitter (optional)

Valentine Greetings/Message Stamp (optional)



1. (If using watercolor paper, read No. 3 before starting). Start at the corners with Turquoise and Pastel Turquoise using a slip-slap motion to blend.

2. Add Pink Rose in upper center and just below where birds will be placed. (Refer to photo for color placement.)

3. If painting on a canvas, add Snow White to highlight and break up background colors. If painting on watercolor paper, leave areas of the paper to appear through for highlighting when adding colors. Using watercolor acrylics achieves easier blending due to consistency of product.


4. Using ink stamp pad, stamp on birds.

5. Paint male bird’s head and neck with Lime Tree and lower body with Sunny Yellow softly blending colors together. (These paints are transparent, however make sure the stamp shows through the paint. If necessary, dilute the paint with a small amount of water).

6. Paint male beak Sunny Yellow.

7. Go over his hair with Pink Rose

8. Paint female bird Pink Rose. Dilute paint as necessary with small amount of water so the stamp remains visible.

9. Add Pink Rose for blush and to upper beak to represent a touch of lipstick.

10. Add Snow White highlights to their eyes.

11. Birds are standing on a line of Rose Gold Cording. Glue cording on with tiny drops of 527 Glue.


12. Paint hearts Pink Rose. Add glitter to the heart in the bird’s beak.


12. Stamp a Valentine message to the card or hand write your own.

Optional/Suggestion: Use Pink Rose paint on rubber stamp to apply message to surface. Allow to dry and outline letters in white gel pen.


Ruth Green has been a DecoArt Helping Artist since 1998. She has traveled to and worked at many decorative painting conventions throughout the United States as well as CHA Conventions (now Creativation). When not at conventions, she teaches classes locally and works a full-time job. Ruth is married and has two grown children, Erin and Ryan. Contact Ruth at or find her on Facebook.

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  • This Is just so creative And beautiful! Wonderful idea, Ruth! on

    Ruth! This just so creative and beautiful! Wonderful idea, Ruth!

  • Janice on

    So cute! Great job Ruth!

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