BOO! by Madonna Williams

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By Madonna Williams



Enjoy the tricks and treats of Halloween without the horrors as you paint this not too scary “BOO”!  Click here for the line drawing.



Having done worksheet illustrations for her science students, various arts and crafts hobbies in leisure time, and finally having real time in retirement for fun got Madonna started painting. She was fortunate to find some great teachers in the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) Chapter to advance her skills and knowledge in painting.




6” x 12” wood board or surface of choice



DecoArt Americana

Burnt Sienna, DA063

Cadmium Yellow, DA010

Graphite, DA161

Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, DA229

Lamp (Ebony) Black, DA067

Lavender, DA034

Purple Pizzazz, DA302

Slate Grey, DA068

Snow (Titanium) White, DA01



DecoArt Americana

DuraClear® Satin Varnish


1/4" Angular, Scharff 155 Series

1/2" Angular Brush, Scharff 155 Series

#2 Round, Scharff 455 Series

#3 Dry Brush, White Dove

3/4" Wash Brush, Loew-Cornell 7550 Series

10/0 Script Liner, Princeton Select


Miscellaneous Supplies

Chalk Pencil (for light guidelines)

Delta Stencil 5-1/4” x 13”. Checkerboard Medley

Pencil and tracing Paper

Transfer Paper

Water Basin


The line drawing is available here.


Helpful Tip

Drybrush – dip brush in paint, then wipe it almost dry on a paper towel. Use brush lightly to apply paint to surface.

Sideload – dip the ‘toe’ of the brush in paint and then stroke back-and-forth on palette to distribute the paint. Most paint will remain at the toe and it will gradually fade to no paint on the heel.



Base the surface Lamp Black; and using the dry brush, add the checkerboard in Graphite. Be sure to measure and center the 3/4" checks.

Trace the design onto tracing paper and transfer letters only onto your surface.


Haunted House Vignette

Load the dry brush with Cadmium Yellow. Tap it all over the opening inside the letter ‘O’, repeating till you have a strong yellow.

While still wet, pick up Jack-O’-Lantern Orange on your dirty brush. Continue tapping to blend the colors. Keep the color stronger toward the edges, allowing it to fade to yellow as approaching the center.

Finally, wipe you brush and add some Snow White to create a moon. Hint: Create a disposable moon stencil by tracing a quarter onto a stiff mail flyer and cutting it out. See photo 2



photo 2                                             photo 3


Transfer the haunted mansion scene.

Using the round brush, paint the tree and mansion Lamp Black, reserving the orange color inside windows.

With the liner, add Lamp Black details, including window panes, tree branches, the fence.

Optional: Using Snow White and the liner, add reflected moon light along a few tree branches as seen in the photo. See photo 3



Basecoat letters (BOO) using Lavender. Do a second coat to get good coverage.

Following the photo, shade the letters on one side using an angular brush loaded with Purple Pizzazz.

In a similar manner, highlight the opposite side of a letter with Snow White. See photo

Once letters are dry, transfer the remaining design details.








Basecoat pumpkin Snow White.

When dry, basecoat pumpkin with Jack-O’-Lantern Orange.

Sideload the small Angular Brush with Raw Sienna. Following the photo, shade each pumpkin segment.

Add the pumpkin stem using Raw Sienna and the liner brush.

Segments can be highlighted with a stroke of Cadmium Yellow and an angular brush. See photo at left





Candy Corn

Basecoat the whole candy corn Snow White.

Basecoat Jack-O’-Lantern Orange and Cadmium Yellow as shown in the photo. Color separations are a bit irregular.

Create a ‘V’ in the orange field of the candy corn by side loading an angular brush with thinned Snow WhiteSee photo at right



Basecoat the bat Slate Grey.

Sideload the angular brush with thinned Lamp Black. Float along each wing and on both sides of the body to create shape as seen in the photo.

Use liner brush to add Lamp Black inside the ears, two lines on each wing, and a bat ‘smile’.

Eyes are dots of Snow White made with a brush handle and then a dot of Lamp Black for the pupil. See photo at right



Base ghosts with Graphite using the larger angular brush and, when dry, add a wash of thinned Snow White.

Eyes and mouths are added in Lamp Black with the round brush.



The spider and webs are added using the liner and Snow WhiteSee photo at left



Shake the Satin DuraClear Varnish well to achieve a quality appearance.

Apply a thin, even coat with a brush. Allow to dry.

An additional coat may be applied.


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  • Margaret Riley on

    I believe the project surface came from A. C. Moore.

  • Ruth on

    Very cute project. I enjoy the magazine very much! I would also like to know where you can purchase the little corrugated metal strips please, thank you

  • Ruth on

    I enjoy the magazine very much and this is a Boo is a Very Cute project! Where can I purchase the little corrugated metal strips top and bottom? I have looked everywhere but no one seems to know where to get it. Thank you

  • Karen on

    The line drawing is available now through a link in the post.

  • Robin Wilson on

    Are there any line drawings for the Boo project

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