Clay Pot Windchime

Margaret Riley freebie projects inspiration

By Margaret Riley

Enjoying the sound of this windchime when the wind blows gives you a peace of mind and soul. Easy and inexpensive to make and a great project for family members to make. Have each family member paint their own design with the oldest member of the family doing the largest one and on down the family age with size of clay pot.

4 clay pots in graduated sizes

DecoArt Patio Paints
Apple Green
Daisy Cream
Geranium Red
Sprout Green
Wrought Iron Black
DecoArt Patio Paint Clear Coat

Royal Langnickel Sunburst
Series L2010 Nos. 4 and 10 bright
Series L2000 No. 4 round
Series L2050 No. 10/0 liner

Jute or rope to fit thru holes of pots (approximately 4’)
4-5 1” wooden beads
(3) 1” foam brushes
Palette paper or foam disposable plate
Paper towels
Water container (to rinse out brushes)
Old plastic tablecloth to cover painting work surface

(Note: Each paint color may take multiple coats for a solid coverage.)
1. Using foam brush, apply Clear Coat to inside and outside of each pot. Allow to dry completely and apply a second coat to outside surface.
2. Using foam brush, paint larger area Geranium Red on each pot.
3. Using foam brush, paint brim area Apple Green on each pot.
4. Along edge/lip between Apple Green and Geranium Red section, paint Daisy Cream using the smallest bright brush.
5. Using bright brush to accommodate size of pot, evenly space Sprout Green vertical “stripes” on Apple Green area.
6. Using round brush and Wrought Iron Black, apply tear drop seeds in Geranium Red area approximately 3/4" above Daisy Cream area.
7. Using liner brush and Daisy Cream, add a “comma” reflection on each seed.
8. Allow each clay pot to dry completely and apply a coat of Clear Coat to each on outside over painted areas.

9. Pull one end of jute through a wooden bead and tie a knot.
10. Tie a knot 1” up from bead. Put on another bead and pull smallest clay pot onto jute next to this last bead.
11. Applying next pot will depend how much of the pot will be showing for a “clinging” tone. Tie a knot, add bead, and then next pot. Continue until all pots are used.
12. Make a loop at the top for hanging. Excess jute can be strung through top hole to use if the windchime is moved and needs to hang lower.

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