Creative Painting Convention In Las Vegas 2017

Whew! We're back from Fabulous Las Vegas and wanted to share a little about how fantastic the convention was! We made lots of new friends, got to meet up with so many of our readers and have a little fun along the way. 

First off, a HUGE thank you to Jayne Jones, the CEO of the convention, who put on a wonderful show for us! We really appreciate all the hard work and incredible amount of coordination that goes into these events. There were dozens of amazing classes, artists and vendors selling the best supplies (and magazines!), which makes for a really fun week for all of us. 

The event was at the Tropicana Hotel, which is always a lovely venue! What a relief to see so many palm trees after a long gray winter... 

The trade show was packed out that first day! Thanks to everyone who waited patiently in line... 

Got to meet many artists that we've only talked to via email. It's always so nice to talk face to face with our talented contributors! Marianne Andreazza, who will be in our June issue, made us the coolest mouse pad from her own art! What a fantastic way to use images that you've worked so hard on! 

Our booth was full of projects from the April and June issues coming up here, and lots of you got to see the pieces in person. Don't you just love that? It's always so different to see the actual finished painting, very exciting! 

Projects on the table are (left to right): (June issue) Mermaid by Deb Antonick, "Just an Udder Day in Paradise" calendar by Sharon Cook, Cat by Mabel Blanco, Poppies by Marianne Andreazza, Rooster (hidden a bit, we'll post a preview soon) by Ursula Wollenberg, On the right side (April issue) Lemon tray by Alessio Meggiato, Blue Jay (February issue) by Mabel Blanco, White Rose by Maureen Baker and Prepona Butterfly by Sherry Nelson. 

It wasn't all work and no play though! Our friend Andi came along to help out with the booth (thank you Andi!!), and we got to explore in the evenings... Visited the Old Strip on Fremont Street! And walked up the main strip a bit, so amazing how they can do so much with lights! 


We got to see all our favorite artists from around the country and Canada! Just a few  here, from left to right, back to front: Deb Antonick, Tracy Weinzapfel, Sandi McTier, Laura Rucker (me!), Andi Harris, (front) Jill Fitzhenry aka Jillybean!, Tracy Moreau and her lovely daughter... we love you guys!

We also met our new friend, Symi Jackson (on the left), who was at the Rosemary & Co. booth selling gorgeous, hand crafted fine art brushes! Make sure to visit their website and check these out, you can't buy them anywhere but directly from them! (don't worry, the shipping isn't anywhere as expensive as you'd think)


So, if you didn't make it this year, we highly encourage you to join in the fun, classes and great shopping next year! 

Dates for the show next year: February 25 - March 2, 2018 at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas. Make sure you keep up with the news and info at the official Creative Painting Website here »

The next trade show we'll be attending is the Society of Decorative Painters' 45th Annual Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida (I love how these are all in pretty, palm-tree locations, don't you?) Make SURE you're booked to come, this is going to be a wonderful event and we can't wait to see you there! Sign up at the SDP Website »

We'll see you there!

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  • Helen Connelly on

    Really enjoy the sharing of your adventure to Las Vegas It is great to be able to see whats there from a personal view…Thanks -Looks like fun ….Helen

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