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I have plenty of acrylic paints in a 2-ounce bottle. But I find I am missing colors when I find a specific project in a magazine or pattern packet that calls for more paint that I need to purchase and many times from a different company. I have mainly DecoArt Americana and now found a fabulous project using Plaid Folk Art. Is there a conversion chart available that will help me cut down the cost of purchasing more paint and changing brands? Thanks….Renee J.

Yes, Renee, there is a conversion chart. Go to these websites to help out in converting those paint:

This should help you out in converting those paint from one brand to another. If you use Delta Ceramcoat paints, you can Google this: Ceramcoat paint to DecoArt paint or Ceramcoat paint to Folk Art paint. Also, I own a book that I use quite often “Decorative Painting Color Match Sourcebook”, which is available on It is an older book, but I would never part with it as it is a “staple” in my collection of things to keep in my studio.

Sometimes an artist can be contacted directly. They can help you out with some of the new colors by informing you what color would be comparable. I have both Plaid Folk Art and DecoArt paint sets. I am always happy to help out a painter convert. But most colors are on the internet showing a conversion chart.

I hope this helps you, along with other artists, how to do any project….no matter what paint is required! We all appreciate your question!


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