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What is the difference between scumbling and dry-brushing? What brushes do I use for each technique? – Linda H.

Thanks for those questions, Linda! Let’s start with scumbling:

Scumbling can be used to blend colors. It is a technique to dry brush a color over another color.  By controlling the pressure of your brush, you can create a smooth graduation between the two colors. Scumbling takes a tad bit more color in the brush than dry brushing.

Dry brushing takes a brush with a bit of paint on it. Wipe brush against a cloth until there's hardly any paint left - very dry. Then lightly brush it over the area to accept the color,  just catching the surface of the canvas or surface you are painting.

If you have an old brush, use it for both techniques. I prefer a white stiff brush, such as a fabric brush, but also use an old flat brush or a brush to accommodate the area to be painted.

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