Decorated Lids for Pumpkin Bread In a Jar

Margaret Riley decorating freebie projects


By Margaret Riley


Bake pumpkin bread in a mason jar! Place a canning jar lid immediately on the jar when it comes out of the oven. Pop! It seals! (Image 9) It is great in the fridge up to 6 months and ready for a fast dessert for any meal. Paint a mason jar lid to go on top of the sealed lid. After the bread is eaten, the painted one can remain so “goodies” can go into the jar with a decorated lid! Here’s three different designs for you to enjoy.




Wide mouth canning lid(s)






Daybreak 6448

Pistachio 4658

Pueblo 2249

Pumpkin 225

Turner’s Yellow 679



Apple Red 2548

Blue Lullaby 6449

Lavender 2585

Pure Black 479

Wicker White 901


Candy Corn:

Fresh Foliage 954

School Bus Yellow 736

Pistachio 4658

Pueblo 2249

Pumpkin 225

Turner’s Yellow 679

Wicker White 901




Sunburst Taklon 7300 Shader No. 4

Sunburst Taklon 7050 Liner No. 00

Sunburst Taklon 2000 Ultra round No. 4

1” Foam brush



FolkArt Waterbase Gloss Varnish


Other Supplies


Tracing Paper and Pencil

Black graphite

Paper towels

Water basin

Palette for acrylics or foam disposable plate




Shade on left side and highlight on right side. To shade, use *floating technique (see at end of instructions).

To remove graphite lines, use a white eraser that comes in a click-style barrel.




Lightly sand each lid and brush gesso on each. Allow to dry completely.

Basecoat lid(s) as follows:

Candy Corn--Pistachio


Spider—Blue Lullaby

Trace pattern and transfer to lid using black graphite and pencil.

Use brush appropriate to size of area painting if not specified.

Paints will take multiple applications to get a firm solid color.



Click >>HERE<< for the patterns.







Basecoat center section of each corn kernel Pumpkin.

Paint wide end of kernels School Bus Yellow.

Paint pointed ends Wicker White.

Highlight Pumpkin areas with Turner’s Yellow and shade left side of Pumpkin areas in Pueblo.

Mix 6 parts Wicker White with 1 part Pure Black to achieve a soft gray. Shade Wicker White with this gray mixture.

Add a floated Wicker White highlight on kernels.

Shade around candy corn cluster with Fresh Foliage.



Basecoat pumpkin with Pumpkin.

Shade along indentations Pueblo.

Highlight with Daybreak plus add a reflection line with Wicker White.

Paint stem Pistachio; shade with Fresh Foliage; and highlight with Daybreak.

Shade around entire pumpkin in Turner’s Yellow.

Using liner brush, add quick choppy strokes in Fresh Foliage for grass. When dry, add a float of Fresh Foliage.



Basecoat body Pure Black.

Using liner brush, do spider web, spider eyebrows, and spider legs Pure Black. (Image 4)

With shader, paint body Pure Black.

Using round brush, paint eyes Wicker White.

Mix together 6 parts Wicker White with 1 part Pure Black to achieve a light gray. Use this color to shade in between the two eyes.

With stylus, add a Pure Black dot into each eye. Using toothpick, add an Apple Red dot into the center of each Pure Black dot.

With stylus, add a Lavender dot at the end of each leg.



Using foam brush, varnish lid with 2-3 coats allowing to dry between each coat. (Image 8)


*FLOATING: Dip brush in water. Blot lightly on paper towel to remove excess water…just enough to remove the shine. Load half of your brush with paint (the long side of an angled brush). Move brush back and forth on palette until the paint blends into the water across the brush - dark to light to nothing. Place the dark side of the loaded brush next to line to be shaded or highlighted. Move brush to expel paint onto surface.


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    The word “pattern” in the line “Trace pattern and transfer …” under “Instructions” is a link to download the line drawing.

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    Very cute idea. Is there a line drawing?

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