Decorating on a Budget

Margaret Riley decorating inspiration

Decorating on a Budget
By Margaret Riley

It time to think about winter! Do I hear negative sounds? But they have Christmas in July, don’t they? Well, let’s start thinking about redoing now when you can open your windows to give you a freshness of clean air (unless it is 95 degrees outside). Want to redo a room that seems drab and dreary in the winter to you? OK! Then let’s get started!

FIRST….decide on a color! One that will make you smile on a cold cloudy winter day. I think Yellow!! Yellow means sunshine to me and sunflowers, too! SECOND…buy the paint and a paintbrush (or roller). Time to paint the walls. Do you need to repaint the woodwork? I’m planning on painting a black desk a soft vanilla and a jewelry chest to match so all will match the rest of the décor. It’ll give the room a “new” look. Just get a paint brush into your hand! Great things can happen! Paint a new painting to hang on a main wall….very appealing to the human eye in the winter!

How about a shopping trip? I knew that would get your attention! Let’s head to your local fabric store! If you are redoing a bedroom, let’s get rid of that dust ruffle and cover the box spring edges with fabric. You’ll be amazed how great this touch will give to your bed. And try making new pillowcases for extra bed pillows. Instead of having pillow shams (donate those to a local thrift facility), have pillow cases that you can change out a couple times during the winter. Throw pillows are very easy to make, too. In today’s world, you can find how to make pillow cases and throw pillows on the internet.

No matter what room you do, paint can be applied to a wall…maybe a bright color on one wall...and can change the entire room. (Have the kids get involved, too, giving them a paint brush.) Be creative, if need be! Just painting a room can give you a new lift for the upcoming winter months (unless you live in southwest Florida where it is “summer” all year long!). OK….let’s begin….brush into the paint, brush to the wall………….

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