Decorating Themes for Each Month - Part 1

Margaret Riley


By Margaret Riley

Do you enjoy decorating for all holidays? I have done it for years. Some years I decorate more than others. This last Christmas due to a major surgery, I had an IV stand for our tree and a bag filled with green plastic caps for the PICC line hanging on the IV stand. Pretty creative, huh? But it served the purpose under the circumstances.

This is going to be a two-part article taking six months in this article and the second six months in the next issue. I’m sure many of you have some great ideas to contribute and we’d love to hear your comments below! I have a lighted leafless tree on a table by my front door that I change for the holidays and the seasons. The table is my focal point for all my decorating. Perhaps you have a mantel that you can decorate or a small table tucked in a corner of your living room.

If you want to create a “tree”, find a branch with lots of branches coming out from a main branch. Place it in a container that you can fill with concrete to keep the tree in place. Or you can use sand instead of concrete.

Be creative in painting items to hang on your tree or to place in your decorations. Watch for projects in this publication. And subscribe to the Painting World magazine as there are great themed items to paint in those issues!


January is always decorated for a new year. If you have a tree or tree branch you decorate all year, cut out “2019” to hang on the tree. Place a black tablecloth on your table with gold pieces of paper scattered on it. Add clear lights to your branch/tree. I found little black top hats to hang on my tree along with new year horns. Streamers can be thrown upon your tree to look like you’ve been celebrating.

What is sad is that January 1 is short lived! If you don’t want to do a Happy New Year theme, do a winter theme. When I pack up my Christmas decorations, I leave out all my snowmen. My little tree has painted snowflakes and painted snowmen, hanging on the branches and white twinkle lights adding to the coolness to the theme. I have the fake sheet of snow used in villages under all my snowmen, too. Winter items are plentiful during Christmas and always on clearance after the holidays. Stock up for next year!


If you aren’t into Valentine’s Day, think Presidents! Hang black silhouettes of Presidents on your tree/branch. Why not find a statue of the US Capital building to add to your Presidents decorations? And, of course, you can always have patriotic colors. I have a wood cut-out of the USA that I add to my patriotic decorations.

Valentine’s Day is a favorite of mine. I purchased fabric with heart designs on it. You don’t have to sew to do a tablecloth. Just turn the hem up at each end, iron it in place, and use Fabri-Tac to hold the hem in place. The tree/branch is adorned with all kinds of hearts. I painted hearts of all kinds to hang on the tree. Some of those hearts look like the candy hearts with messages on them. Having a supply of OLD Valentines, I stand those up around the base of the tree. You can do it with cards you receive this year.


Ahhh…the wearing of the green! Fabric can be purchased with shamrocks on it to cover a table. Cut out shamrocks from green construction paper to hang on your tree/branch. At your local dollar store, find a green top hat and turn it over to hold candies, preferably gold foil covered chocolate coins.

If you live in a state where basketball is popular, you’ll know that March is March Madness. Decorate with your favorite school colors and center your theme around a basketball. Round wood circles can be painted to look like basketballs. Use a black and white stripped tablecloth to represent a referee shirt.

March means spring!!! Bring out of storage those spring flowers, bunnies, and birdies! Use pastel colors! I usually put up spring along with Easter as soon as St. Patrick Day is over.





Sometimes you find Easter in March and sometimes in April. So, if Easter falls in March, just decorate for spring in April. I have painted pastel colored eggs to hang on my tree/branch. Baskets, artificial shredded grass, baby chicks, bunnies, and more are always great to decorate with for the Easter theme. I have antique ceramic eggs that I put in a special basket to show them off. I always look forward to see them again each year.


The saying goes "April showers bring May flowers." Flowers make an easy, lovely decoration however you choose to use them! If you live in Indiana, you decorate all month for the Indy 500. Black and white checkered flags adorn streets in Indianapolis. But if you live in areas that have some Hispanic culture, you celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Pinatas, bright colors, and Hispanic themed ideas appear in many areas to celebrate this holiday. Memorial Day cannot be forgotten; so, decorate your special area(s) with patriotic colors. I have all branches of service logos that I display in remembrance of those who have fought for our freedom. Thanks to all Veterans!


Summer is here, kids are out of school. I hang flip flop lights on my tree/branch. Create a wreath for your door with shells and kids flip flops on it. Purchase small paper umbrellas to represent patio umbrellas. I have two large conch shells that I place on my entry table along with a sand bucket on its side holding shells (appears to be spilling them out). Tablecloths can be made having a tropical design on them. Paint green summer leaves for your tree/branch. Just think hot summer to make your June decorations!

More ideas for the rest of the year will be in the next newsletter!

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