Decorating Themes for Each Month, Part 2

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By Margaret Riley

In Part 1, I told you how to create a tree to adorn your painted items to hang on it plus ideas for January through June. Now it is time to share July thru December. Do refer back to the November 1, 2018 newsletter for Part 1.


Hooray for the USA! Freedom shouts to each one of us! Paint rectangles as flags (use white dots for stars to make it easier for you) to hang on your tree/branch. I put on red, white, and blue lights, too. Tie on bows at the end of each branch end in patriotic colors. Paint an Uncle Sam to set on your table or mantel. Decorate outside, too. Take an old pallet and paint every other slat white, the remaining ones in red. Paint in the blue area and just do large dots for stars. Paint a flower pot with outdoor acrylic paint in red, white, and blue. Add red geraniums in the planter pot.


Time for school to start! Hang pencils on your tree/branch. Paint rectangles white and add blue lines (use a ballpoint pen). Have each child write their name on the “paper” to hang with those pencils. Set an old back pack on your corner table with old books. Add crayons, a ruler, and a pad of paper, too. Cut yellow suns out of foam sheets and add to your decorations. I always think of zinnias and marigolds blooming during this month, so, have a bouquet of them to give lots of color to your setting.


Labor Day is the holiday for this month. Again, patriotic comes into play. Spray paint two pint-sized mason jars flat white or a frosted white. Add acrylic matt red stripes horizontally. Cut out stars from adhesive paper and adhere randomly to a quart mason jar. Spray jar navy blue and allow to dry completely. Remove stars. Set red/white jars on each side of the star jar. Add candles to each jar. Stitch or glue together red, white, and blue men’s bandanas for a tablecloth. Paint blocks in red, white, and blue and print a letter on each block to spell “A-M-E-R-I-C-A”. Hang a flat basket on your door filled with small flags of various sizes.


I love decorating for Halloween! The tree has orange pumpkin lights all over it! Paint wood bats and spiders to hang on that tree. Find an orange tablecloth to cover a table (can be used in November, too) or find Halloween print. I have a collection of painted Halloween items…witches, pumpkins, black cats, and more. Hang witch hats from the light above your table or in your entry on the light above to give a Harry Potter eeriness. Don’t forget to decorate outside, too. Paint tombstones and add a stake to the back of them to place in flower pots of mums. So many ideas to list but not enough room! Let’s move on to November.



Now is the time to be thankful for all our bounties, family, and friends. Your tree can have gold, green, and brown plain globe shaped ornaments on it. I painted leaves in fall colors to add as well as hanging orange lights on the tree. Hang a wreath on your front door with gourds, leaves, and pumpkins on it. Place a small bale of straw, pots of mums, and a scarecrow on your porch by your front door. I have created a couple pilgrims to set on my entry table plus have some Indian corn by them. Just think of leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, dried corn stalks, cattails, and twigs for fall decorating.


Tis the season to be jolly! Don’t stress over decorating with all the shopping that has to be done! A plain red tablecloth can double for Valentine’s Day. If you have evergreen trees around, gather some boughs to add to your table (remember they’ll only last a week) or put into a mason jar filled with water. Add a red ribbon around the jar. Hang hand painted ornaments on your tree/branch (see the ornament issue for Painting World magazine for great ideas!) and snowflakes. Place a couple snowmen on your mantle along with a small sleigh. Christmas is a time people think about decorating. Use traditional colors or go with something that is different to give it your own personal holiday touch. Think Santa, reindeer, snow, nativity, trees, and so much more beyond my thoughts of creativity.

I hope you enjoyed the ideas given to you. Always, always do what makes you smile! Share your abilities outside and inside for others to enjoy and smile, too! Happy ALL holidays to each of you!

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