Easy and Cheap Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Margaret Riley decorating style

Now that Halloween is over, let’s get started thinking about Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite holidays. There are no gifts to buy, no eggs to hide, and no candy to have for smiling faces at your door. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and friends, to be grateful for what you have, and to enjoy traditions. Are you starting to panic about having everything perfect for these adoring family members and loving friends? Worry no more! We’re going to give you some simple and inexpensive ways to make your table look perfect.

  1. Buy a pumpkin and set it in the middle of your table with some silk fall leaves around it. Can’t get easier than this! Sometimes the simple things are the most elegant.
  2. Take a basket that is in your house and fill with fresh fruit. If you have lunch guests that are still around for dinner, serve the fruit with turkey sandwiches.
  3. If you have a tall glass container, put all kinds of nuts (in their shells) in this container. Add a ribbon around the container in a fall color. You can even set a votive candle on top of the nuts (best to use a battery operated one).
  4. Purchase three oranges. Cut off just enough of the rind on the bottom so the oranges set without tipping. Randomly push whole cloves into the orange rind. On the top, cut a hole big enough for a votive candle to fit into and have about 1/2" of the candle sticking out. Set the oranges on a long, narrow tray/plate. Add some nuts or leaves around the oranges.
  5. Place various sizes of gourds (real or artificial) into a basket or clear glass bowl.

  6. Glue cinnamon sticks around a candle and tie a piece of twine or jute around the center. Set on an orange or brown plate. Do three and cluster together. Candles can be various heights.
  7. Paint 3 clay pots in fall colors and tie a bow around each. Fill one with candy corn, one with shelled nuts, and the third with mints. Your guests can enjoy before, during, and after the meal.
  8. Take three quart mason canning jars and place evenly across the center of your table. Add a battery operated (or real) candle into each. Add a bow or piece of twine to each jar. Super simple but elegant!
  9. Take a white coffee cup. Turn it upside-down and place a white plate on the cup. Put various apples on the plate (green, yellow, and red). That’s it! So easy and you can eat the apples after the festive meal is over.
  10. Look around your house. Find things in yellow, red, brown, and orange that would look great in the middle of your table. Just place here and there down the center. Sometimes the most unusual items are the best conversation pieces. Even some framed photos in a sepia coloration will add to the table….and definitely a conversation piece to share tales about the person in the photo.

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