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What is a fad? But what is a trend? Let’s start with definitions:

Groovy baby!

FAD: an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, which may be short-lived and a craze.

TREND: a general direction in which something is developing or changing causing a specific area taking a new swing in a rage.

Are you confused? Remember the Harvest Gold and the Avocado colors for kitchens? That is a trend. Right now the trend in home décor is using chalk paint, having a “used” appearance to furniture accessories, repurposing, and an IKEA look to all rooms in the home.

There is a trend in fashion of longer tops with leggings and tight pants.Put on your thinking caps and think of a fad! I remember the “pet rock” being a fad and so were bell bottom, hip hugger pants! Today a fad that is rising quickly are t-shirts pained with Sharpie markers to achieve a tie-dye appearance as well as painted rocks!

Fads are quick to find on the internet, especially Pinterest!

In this issue we are going to share with you how to marbleize rocks! Carissa Bonham is sharing her video on how to do this amazing technique.


In the next newsletter issue, we will have a couple painted rock projects with one easy enough for kids!

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