Fall Decorating

Margaret Riley inspiration


By Margaret Riley

Living in the southwest section of Florida, we don’t have changing of the leaves, the crispness in the air (although we might get down to 79 degrees at night!), or wearing light weight jackets. I lived in northern state for many years. As soon as Labor Day was over, I’d break out those fall decorations.

If you have a porch with poles, wrap them in artificial fall leaf vines. You can paint flower pots in fall colors and place colorful mums in them. A bale of straw can be sat in a corner by your front door. But remember, straw can be messy and may have to be swept around frequently to keep from tracking pieces of straw into your abode. Purchase real pumpkins or artificial pumpkins to set around your landscaping or with the bale of straw. Scarecrows are relatively inexpensive to add to your fall display. Paint tin cans and punch holes in them to place candles in to light at night (battery operated ones are safe ones to choose.) You can add stalks of dried corn, too. Don’t forget to decorate your mailbox out by the street/road!

Centerpieces for your dining table are easy to make with floral foam, artificial leaves, and dried sticks from your yard. Just push these items into your foam. You might want to add a bow. Purchase an orange tablecloth for your dining table that can be used up until Christmas decorating.

If you have an entry table, add a fall table runner to it. Paint various sizes of mason canning jars in fall colors to hold candles to add a glow and warmth by your front door and your entry table setting. You can tie twine or jute around the top edges to give a more fall appearance to them. Find acorns and fill a mason jar to add to the setting. Or place orange, yellow, red, and green Christmas ball ornaments in a large brandy sniffer with a fall ribbon tied to the stem.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Just think fall colors and create. I have one friend that walks through her house and gathers up items in colors for the next upcoming holiday. Always some interesting conversation pieces on her entry table. If you don’t have an entry table, why not decorate the mantel. Don’t have one of those…top of a cabinet or end table.

LOTS of ideas on the internet. You don’t have to copy…just be inspired to create! Enjoy the fall season with wee ones hiding and running through piles of fall leaves. You’re never too old to be a kid yourself. Of course, the neighbors will wonder about you running around your yard without kids and jumping into piles of leaves. Awww…go ahead…do it! Happy Fall!

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