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Have you ever wanted to paint on glass? We found Renjitha Anoop to be perfect in showing you how easy it is to do. AND we have a bonus video for you to view to make this creation more understandable! ( Now you can master an art so many thinks difficult! Gather up your supplies and begin creating multiples of this goblet/glass!




Wine Glass, Artland 60507 CL , Artland Sommelier White Wine Glasses

Paints by Plaid FolkArt Multi Surface Paint, DecoArt Acrylic Paint, and Craft Smart

Berry Wine 2941CA
Daffodil Yellow 2912CA
Classic Green 2917CA
Engine Red 2948CA
Wicker White 2894CA

Dark Scarlet DA508


1/2" Flat Brush 1727F

PLAID ONE STROKE (Donna Dewberry)
3/4" Flat Brush 1171A

10mm Moderna M77DS (Scruffy Brush)

Miscellaneous Supplies
Dotting Tool - CLCOMIART Ball Stylus Dotting Tool
Plastic bowl
Tissue paper (To remove the excess water from brush or glass surface…optional)
Rubbing alcohol or glass cleaning wipes.


Prepare the Glassware
Wash the glass with hot soapy water and allow to dry. Wipe the glass with a glass cleaning wipe to remove any residual soap film. This will prepare the surface for painting.

1. Load the 3/4” flat brush with Berry Wine, Engine Red, and White.
2. Dip one corner of brush into White and the other corner with Berry Wine and Engine Red (Image 2).

3. Blend brush in a back and forth movement to get enough paint in the brush (Image 3). You need to load your brush 2 or 3 times to get enough paint on your brush. You can add as many different colors as you want, but for beginners, it is best to start off with two colors.

4. Start making petals with simple stroke movements (Image 4). Paint each petal adjacent to each other. If the first coat of paint is transparent, reapply a second layer after the first coat gets fully dried.

5. Load the dotting tool (or small round brush) with Daffodil Yellow. Randomly add small dots in the center of the glass (Image 5). Let it dry completely.

6. To achieve a darker shade in the center of the glass, apply Black paint on the bottom portion of the glass (Image 6).

7. After the dots are completely dry, load the scruffy brush with Engine Red and dab on paint (Image 7).

8. Load the flat brush with Classic Green and apply to the bottom to paint the stem. If the paint is transparent, apply a second coat after the first coat gets fully dried (Image 8) and (Image 9). Painting the glass stem is optional. If the step is followed, it will give more realistic look.

How to Cure Painted Glassware
9. Air-dry the painted glass surface for 24 hours to make sure that all the paint layers have completely dried.
10. Place glass in a cool oven. Do not place it in hot oven as the glass might break due to a sudden heat change.
11. Set the temperature to 350-degree Fahrenheit and bake for 30 minutes.
12. After baking for 30 min, turn off the oven and allow the glass to cool down completely before removing from the oven.
13. Do not use finished glass for 72 hours.
Maintaining/Cleaning Your Acrylic Painted Glassware
14. Acrylic painted glassware is dishwasher safe, top shelf. However, do not soak or scrub the glass in the sink when cleaning manually.

About the designer
Renjitha Anoop is a self-taught artist with a bachelor’s degree in Technology. Her career started in art just a few years ago, and within these years, has chartered for herself a strong identity within the community of One Stroke Art. Her designs are a reflection of a classical mix of the ethnic, modern, and natural arts. She paints daily and involves herself in various art related activities.

Renjitha enjoys being active in social networking sites and to help others who are interested in learning how to paint with strong followers on Facebook and on YouTube. She participates in various national and international exhibitions and has won awards and appreciations.

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