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Repurposed Half Boots
By Rosy Fowler

No doubt you all have fashion accessories in your closet that are worn more than you would like to appear in public wearing or carrying. Rosy Fowler, designer of 40+ years, instructs you in how easy it is to repurpose a pair of shoes or half boots. Rosy has worked for DecoArt at conventions throughout the USA and foreign countries plus taught classes in her own studio. Presently, she lives in Florida and previously owned Rosy’s Folk Art Studio.

Half Boot or any pair of leather or vinyl shoes

DECOART STYLIN’ PAINT for leather, canvas, vinyl, and more
Aqua DASAL10
Beige DASAL03
Blue DASAL12
Fuchsia DASAL04
Orange DASAL07
Turquoise DASAL11
Purple DASAL13

BRUSHES by DecoArt
Decoart Traditions No. 3 round
Decoart Traditions No. 6 flat

Rubbing alcohol and soft cloth
Water basin
Paper Towels
Palette paper for acrylics or foam disposable plate

Helpful Tips
Do not use water with this paint to thin as it can be used straight out of the bottle. Dampen your brush and make sure to blot all the excess water. Shake the bottles of paint well before using.

Wipe shoes or boots down with alcohol and let dry.

Depending on the make of your boots and the way they are sewn together, use chalk and write on the boots where you want the colors to go on each shoe.
Load flat brush and start basing in color. Do at least two coats.
With the round brush, do the edge of the sole or any small area that the flat brush can’t get in.
Paint the heel.

Allow the shoes to cure for at least 48 hour before wearing.

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