Freebie Project from DecoArt: Stenciling... Part 2

Margaret Riley

Some history about stenciling was given in the September #1 newsletter, which gave you how stenciling advanced thru the centuries. And once again we are in the age of stenciling. Why you may ask? People with any creative blood in their bodies want to learn! Stenciling may be the start of painting on canvases, fabric, and other surfaces. This could inspire a budding artist into using a brush, paint, and employing a pattern. Stenciling makes it easy to change a wall in a room to have a great design on it and allows you to paint over it to start all over again with a different color and stencil design

In our stenciling part 1, we had Carissa Bonham share a video with us. We hope you have had the time to create her design. In this issue, we are sharing a project that should delight you in creating it for yourself or for a gift. It is simple and elegant! Thanks to DecoArt for their generosity of this project!


Go to a mass merchant craft store and discover the stenciling section. Amazing the different designs available! Companies are heeding to customers wants in designs, particularly for home decor. You can search You Tube and find demos for how-to-do stenciling along with exciting projects to create.

Also you can search the internet for cut designs that suit your creation. Find a search engine and type in stencils….poof! You can view many designs!!! Well, maybe hundreds of designs! No doubt you will find the perfect stencil for your project!

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