Freebie Project! How to Make Easter Egg Candles by Carissa Bonham

Margaret Riley decorating freebie projects

by Carissa Bonham
What do you do with leftover eggs in your house? If your family is anything like ours, you probably go through a LOT of eggs every month. While I will save egg shells as we get closer to gardening season to use when we plant tomatoes, they can be fun to craft with, too!
To prepare you egg shells for this craft, crack the egg across the top instead of across the middle. Once you've emptied the contents of the egg, rinse out the shell and put it aside to dry (I like to use an empty egg carton).
  • Prepared egg shells (see above)
  • Craft paint in pastel colors (I used Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint in both satin and pearl finishes)
  • Paint brushes
  • Colored wax (use old candles or scented wax melts)
  • Empty metal food can, rinsed and label removed
  • Egg carton
  • Candle wicks (I like the kind with the metal stand at the bottom)


Step 1: Paint the eggs
Use the craft paint to paint the eggs. On some eggs, I painted the inside of the shell and for other eggs I painted the outside. Use coordinating pastel colors for a nice display. For the eggs where I painted the outside, flip them over to dry so there are no smudges on the bottom.
Step 2: Melt the wax
Before melting the wax, be sure to bend the food can so it looks like this and has a spout. This step is critical for minimizing mess when making these candles - trust me! Don't skip it.
Place the wax you'd like to melt in the can. I used some candles from the dollar store that I had on hand (if you do this, remove the wicks first). Be sure to not mix colors (unless you're doing it on purpose!). If you plan to make more than one color of candle, start with the lightest colored wax first and slowly get darker OR use two different melting cans to prevent cross-contamination of the colors. 
Stand up the can with the wax in a small pot. Add water to the pot no higher than the level of the wax and bring the water to a simmer. Allow the can to remain in the pot until all the wax is melted.
Step 3: Pour the Candles
While you are waiting for the wax to melt, prep the eggs. Stand the eggs up in an egg carton and place one wick in each egg.
Once the wax is melted, use a pot mitt to remove the can from the pot being very careful not to burn yourself! Carefully pour the wax out of the can via the spout into your prepared egg shells.
If your wicks start to wilt or lean, you can lay a pencil or a toothpick across the top of the egg shells to help the wick balance and set up straight.
Let the candles sit undisturbed for at least 45 minutes or more to set up.
Step 4: Trim the wicks
The final step is to trim away the excess wick from the candles
That's it!
Set your egg candles up in different egg cups or candle holder or varying heights for added interest.

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