Freebie Project! Lighthouse Christmas by Tammie Wilson

Margaret Riley freebie projects inspiration

Designed by Tammie Wilson ; Courtesy of Stampendous®

A charming lighthouse for your coast-loving friends and family! Play with Stampendous® stamps and inks for a fast, fun ornament.

Stamps & Inks from Stampendous®:

  • CRR306 Cling Christmas Lighthouse Stamp
  • SSH57 Jumbo Acrylic Handle
  • DP111 Retail Black Embossing Powder
  • VM001 Versamark™ Watermark Ink Pad

Paint & Surfaces:

  • Tall Teardrop Infinity Solid Wood Ornament by Cupboard Distributing
  • DA190 DecoArt Americana Winter Blue
  • DecoArt Fluid Media Acrylics
  • DMFA08 Cobalt Blue Hue
  • DMFA12 Dioxazine Purple
  • DMFA20 Payne’s Grey
  • DMFA26 Phthalo Turquoise
  • DMFA27 Primary Cyan
  • DMFA30 Prussian Blue Hue
  • DMFA42 Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
  • DMFA37 Raw Umber
  • DMFA18 Pyrrole Red
  • DMFA35 Quinacridone Magenta
  • DMFA44 Viridian
  • DMFA49 Metallic Gold
  • DMFA White
  • DA60 DecoArt Matte Varnish


  • ½” Angle
  • #2 and #4 Flat
  • #2 Round
  • ¾” Filbert

Misc Supplies:

  • Water Basin
  • Palette Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Sandpaper- fine grit
  • Heat Tool
  • Pencil & ruler

Painting Instructions:

  1. Basecoat both sides of ornament with two smooth even coats of Winter Blue. Dry thoroughly and sand between coats.
  2. Position cling stamp on acrylic block. Load stamp with Versamark Ink and stamp image in center of ornament.
  3. Sprinkle Detail Black Embossing Powder over stamped image. Tap off excess and return to jar.
  4. Heat set embossing powder, until it becomes shiny. Keep heat tool moving, to prevent scorching wood or blistering paint.
  5. Using ½” angle brush wash sky with Primary Cyan, water with Phthalo Turquoise and sand with Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide.
  6. Create night sky by leaving area around top of lighthouse lightest, and building darker colors out to the edges using- Cobalt Blue Hue, Dioxazine Purple, Prussian Blue Hue and Payne’s Grey.
  7. Float the lower edge of the water with Prussian blue Hue, upper edge with Payne’s Grey.
  8. Shade sand with Raw Umber behind dunes, between slats and along the bottom of the fence line. Highlight tops of dunes with a wash of White.
  9. Using #2 Flat paint alternate stripes of Lighthouse, bow and ribbon with Pyrrol Red. Paint remaining stripes, top and cap of Lighthouse with White. Wash wreath with Viridian.
  10. Using ½” angle shade Lighthouse with Payne’s Grey.
  11. Using #2 flat shade bow and ribbon with Quinacridone Magenta. Highlight with Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide.
  12. Using #4 flat shade inner and outer edges of wreath with Prussian Blue Hue. Use dots of Pyrrole Red and Quinacridone Magenta for ornaments.
  13. Using #2 flat dry brush slats with White, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide and Raw Umber.
  14. Measure approximately 2” from the top and bottom edges and mark a straight line. Basecoat with Phthalo Turquoise. Shade with Prussian Blue Hue.
  15. Paint circle at the bottom of the ornament and the hanger at top Metallic Gold.
  16. Finish with two coats of Matte Varnish. Add ribbon if desired.

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