Freebie Project! Morning Glory Etched Plate

Laura Rucker freebie projects

By Gigi Wright


  • 10" clear glass plate (Walmart® or Target®)
  • Etchall Creme® (B&B Etchall® Products)
  • Etchall stencil - Gigi's Morning Glory (I added the dragonfly and a few leaves then cut)
  • Pick knife
  • White contact paper
  • Squeegee for etching creme
  • Alcohol and cotton swabs
  • Masterson's Sta-wet palette for glossy enamels

PAINTS: DecoArt Americana® Glossy paints

  • Hauser Medium Green
  • Lavender
  • Crystal Green
  • Crystal Yellow
  • Crystal Clear

BRUSHES: Royal & Langnickel® Aqualon® Series

  • # R2160 - Angular Shader 3/8" and 1/2"
  • # R2595 - Liner #1
  • # R2250- Round #3
  • # R2150s - Short Flat Shader #4 or 6


Clean the surface then place stencil carefully on surface. Cover all remaining open areas with the white contact paper. At this time you could trace or draw the extra features of leaves or dragonflies. The contact paper otherwise is used to protect the glass surface from any of the etching creme touching an area not wanted.

Using the Pick Knife, pick out all the areas of the stencil that you want to be etched. Also, you can use this same knife to cut any other features of your design.

Using a que-tip with a small amount of Alcohol, very carefully clean any residue inside the picked out areas to be etched. Air dry.

Pour Etchall Creme from jar onto surface and spread over all opened areas with the squeegee, and allow this to stand for 15 minutes.

After this time is up (longer will not make a difference), using the squeegee again, remove the creme and replace it to container for future use.

Place the surface under running water and gently wash off the remaining creme. Contact with water will stabilize the etching creme. Then, remove the stencil and contact paper and discard. At this point you are now ready to paint your project .


Using the Royal Aqualon Angular Shader # 3/8 or 1/2" with LAVENDER, float around outside edges only of all Morning Glory Petals. This may take 2-3 coats drying between to achieve the color you wish. Use paint very sparingly and be patient.

# using same method as previous step, with Hauser Medium Green, place "c" strokes at wider base sides of leaves. This will take two coats done lightly. Then after this has dried, place a nice float of the Crystal Green. Also, with same brush and the greens, place touches of color on the stems.

Using the #3 Round brush and CRYSTAL YELLOW, place in the flower centers.

With the same Round brush, lightly mix some yellow and Hauser Medium Green to make a lighter lime green for the dragonfly's boys and head. The Eyes are dots of CRYSTAL YELLOW. Then , with the #1 liner and lavender place in a line along one side of the dragonfly body and add the feelers.

For wings, use the #1 liner and place loose random dabs of Lavender, green and yellow. THEN, when all paint is dry, use the #3 Round brush and the CRYSTAL CLEAR to apply to the dragonfly all over, and the yellow centers of flowers.

Painting the checks:

I like checks, so I used the #6 (smaller size for smaller checks) Short Flat Shader Brush. Fully load the brush to apply the checks. The trick to making the checks even all around is to place the first check stroke, then the next is exactly the width of the brush you are using apart for check 2, and so on all round the piece. If you space them evenly this way they will come out exactly correct for the last one. It will take about two coats of paint, drying between coats, for best results.


To set the paint on the glass, it needs to be cured in an oven. So, place your project in a COLD oven on a rack. Set temperature for 350. Set timer for 30 minutes. When timer is done, turn off the oven. Leave your piece in oven until it is cool to touch. Remove and ENJOY!

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  • Suzanne Braun on

    so just how do you get the freebie project is there a way to download the instructions and pattern?? I don’t see a link to do so.

  • Irene on

    Can you print this? I could never do it with the written instructions to keep referring.l I think this is a neat pattern and way of doing it. Thanks.

  • Marilyn Gray on

    Thanks so much for this beautiful freebie! Just an added bonus of Painting World Magazine…what a great deal!

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