Freebie Project! Quilt Top Cell Phone Holder by Sandra Goodale

Sandra Goodale freebie projects inspiration

Sandra Goodale


DecoArt Americana® Acrylics: 

  • Fawn DA242
  • Light Mocha DA241
  • Honey Brown DA163
  • Terra Cotta DA62
  • Milk Chocolate DA174
  • Russet DA80
  • Asphalthum DA108
  • Antique Gold DA09
  • Espresso DA271

Royal Langnickel® Majestic® Brushes:

  • #12 bright  for base coating
  • #5/0 round 4595 for quilt detail
  • #2 round r4250 details
  • #1/2 angle r4160 for floating

Royal & Langnickel Moderna® Mop Brush:

Additional supplies:

Regular painting supplies plus various lace for trim, shower curtain rings, drill bit, the size of shower ring, washi tape  aprox., 1” wide to go around the side of the surface, various fabric, ribbon scraps, Beacon® 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue®, fine sandpaper and an old scruffy brush.


Basecoat surface with a light wash of fawn watered down. After its dry sand lightly, and trace quilt outline. Base that with light mocha. Sand again after dry. Remove all pencil lines.

I just freehanded the quilt patches so mine will likely be off from the actual line drawing. Base the blocks in as follows:

  1. Terra Cotta
  2. Honey Brown
  3. Antique Gold
  4. Russet
  5. Leave As The Background Colour
  6. Espresso
  7. Milk Chocolate

These will all likely need 2 coats, and sand lightly between.

With your angle brush load into Asphaltum and float along each quilt patch on both side of the lines, and mop to soften. Now add the detail to each patch using the colours of your choice from the palette.

The stitch lines were painted with #2 round using Light Mocha, add a bit of water to thin the paint for a smoother application. After dry use your angle brush loaded into Asphaltum and float just outside stitch lines here and there to create more depth. With an old scruffy load into light mocha and dry brush some highlights to the middle areas of the patches. If it gets to chalky add a wash of the patch base coat colour.

To finish  pick out the lace you want for your quilt border. Mine is 1/4 inch beige. Without gluing just yet place the lace along the quilt and measure the length and cut. With your glue, lay a small bead along where you are going to place your lace, then touch the lace into place. Continue around the quilt one piece at a time. With the washi tape, once again measure the length you need, lay down one piece at a time, folding around the sides of the surface. Some of mine didn’t stick so I applied a touch of the glue. To add the final touched I added some washi tape to the insert and along the base of the stand.

With the fabric and ribbon you chose  for the ring, cut pieces about 5 inches long and the ribbon longer than that. Tie these pieces to the ring, add as much or as little as you like. Drill a small hole in the stand to place the ring through, fluff the fabric. Place on the stand and enjoy.

I hope you had fun using these different mediums to your painting. Thanks for painting one of my designs and I hope We paint together again soon.


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