Freebie Project! Scarecrow Flag from Margaret Riley

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This scarecrow will sway in fall breezes and brighten up your landscape. He will surely put a smile on anyone viewing him in your fall flower garden.


  • 14“ x 22“ RocLon Multi-Purpose fabric Note: If you want to use a white duck cloth, you will need to gesso it first on both sides.
    Download the pattern here »

Multi-Surface Paints by Plaid® (

  • Autumn Leaves 2943
  • Bright Pink 2896
  • Camel 2945
  • Charcoal Black 2968
  • Classic Green 2917
  • Cinnamon 2905
  • Ink Spot 292
  • Lemon Custard 2913
  • Light Blue 2923
  • Lime Green 291
  • Look at Me Blue 2924
  • Pale Yellow 2946
  • Real Brown 2908
  • Vintage White 2939
  • Vivid Orange 2904
  • Yellow Ochre 2910
  • Plaid Folk Art Outdoor Sealer


  • FolkArt One Stroke Brush Set Value Pack (
  • Brushes used from this pack are: No. 1 liner, Nos. 2, 6, and 12 flat, and 3/4" flat

Miscellaneous Supplies:

  • Paper Towels
  • Water basin
  • Tracing paper and pencil
  • Grey graphite paper
  • Stylus
  • Palette paper or foam disposable plates
  • Scissors
  • Fusion Glue (by Duncan Enterprises) or sewing machine with orange thread
  • Small flag pole with horizontal holder

Note: Use flat brush for size of area painting and liner for lines. The 3/4" brush is used for painting the larger area. Trace pattern onto tracing paper to preserve original pattern and to trace on details. Highlights are on the right side and shading on the left side of each area unless specified differently. After an area is painted, allow to dry and trace on details, if needed.


Using graphite and stylus, trace pattern onto RocLon. It is not necessary to trace in details until you have it base coated and you come to that area. Do NOT cut out until instructed.


  1. Paint face background Camel.
  2. Highlight along chin and right side Vintage White.
  3. Shade around each hair strand Cinnamon that touches face.
  4. Using Cinnamon, shade along hat brim.
  5. Paint eyes Charcoal Black and add a Vintage White highlight in right area of each eye.
  6. Using liner brush, add Charcoal Black smile line with stitch lines as well as eyelashes.
  7. The cheek dots at the end of the mouth are created using Bright Pink and the end of the liner brush handle.
  8. When cheek dots are dry, add Vintage White highlight line on right side of each dot.
  9. Paint nose Autumn Leaves, shade Real Brown, and highlight with Lemon Custard.


  1. Each strand is Lemon Custard with shading done in Yellow Ochre and highlighting done with Vintage White.
  2. Using Cinnamon, shade along hat brim.


  1. Basecoat in Lemon Custard, and while wet, streak in Cinnamon for shading and Vintage White for highlight reflections.


  1. Paint entire shirt Vivid Orange, shade Autumn Leaves, and highlight Lemon Custard.
  2. Shade around hair straw in Autumn Leaves (to appear casting a shadow on shirt).
  3. The center of the shirt is shaded Autumn Leaves.
  4. Buttons: Paint buttons Lime Green with Classic Green shading and Lemon Custard highlighting. Using stylus, dot in Charcoal Black for buttons four holes. Add Vivid Orange “thread” X lines in center of each button. Shade on left side of button on shirt in Autumn Leaves. Using liner, add a Real Brown vertical buttonhole line on each button.

Optional: Add Classic Green plaid lines (horizontal lines and vertical lines) for a plaid design. You can add in other colors in the plaid. Be creative!


  1. Basecoat Look At Me Blue, shade Ink Spot, and highlight Light Blue as well as the belt loops.
  2. For pockets, shade Ink Spot along edges and add Ink Spot stitch lines.
  3. Add Ink Spot stitch lines on lower pants edge.
  4. Patch: Paint patch Lime Green, shade Classic Green, and highlight Lemon Custard. Add horizontal and vertical Vivid Orange lines for a plaid design. Using stylus, add Wicker White dip-dots in center of each square. Add Charcoal Black stitch lines around patch.


  1. Basecoat belt, knots, and belt hanging ends Yellow Ochre.
  2. Shade Cinnamon on knot, bottom area of belt, and left side of belt hanging ends.
  3. Highlight with Lemon Custard.


  1. Paint hat Lemon Custard, shade Teddy Bear Brown, and highlight Pale Yellow.
  2. Lightly streak Pale Yellow on right side of hat crown.
  3. Paint hat band Lime Green, shade Classic Green, and highlight Pale Yellow.
  4. Add a reflection streak in Vintage White approximately 1” from right side.


  1. Cut out scarecrow.
  2. Backside (optional): Paint backside in same colors as front but no face, hat brim, buttons, hair straw, or hat band. (See photo.) If desired, paint patch in choice of colors and designs or do the same as front patch.

  1. On straw areas, cut 1/8” to 1/4" vertical strips.
  2. Fold over end of arms and stitch or glue in place. It does help to measure your flag pole holder to be sure the folded over arms slides over the curved end.
  3. Seal with Outdoor Sealer two to three coats.

Happy Fall!! ~Margaret Riley, Lehigh Acres, FL

A special thank you to my sister, Marvel Albitz, for being a great critique in finalizing the details on this fun-to-create flag!


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