Freebie Project! Spattered Pumpkin by Cindy Moser

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Designed by Cindy Moser

You're going to love this wonderful, simple yet stylish little project for the fall! Cindy shows you how to get your feet wet with watercolors and have a great time making a lovely piece.


Winsor & Newton® Watercolors

  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Winsor Orange
  • Winsor Red
  • Burnt Umber
  • Scruffy toothbrush
  • Sap Green
  • Lamp Black
  • Arches® watercolor paper 140Lb. Natural White 9"x 10"

Sections of pumpkin are numbered for easier painting reference.

Painting Instructions:

Paint section 1 by pre-wetting the paper, then drop in Cadmium Yellow, shown by dotted lines on section 1, then quickly use Cadmium Orange to do the rest of the section, letting the colors blend together.

Skip to Section 2 to let this first one dry. Mix Cadmium Orange with a small amount of Winsor Red. Pre wet and paint this section.

Section 3 is next, again dotted lines show the area that will by Cadmium Yellow. Pre wet, drop in Cadmium Yellow and then Winsor Orange around it.

Section 4 is pre wet and then done with heavy Winsor Orange. Dry.

Stem is Burnt Umber, along with stems to both leaves, use a liner for these stems and do not pre wet the paper.

Leaves are Sap Green, plus Cadmium Yellow, then do a puddle of dark green by mixing Sap Green with a touch of Burnt Umber. Where leaf number 2 is folded over, make the top light, and underneath a darker color. Look at the picture to place lights and darks. It is not necessary to pre wet the leaves to paint.

To divide the sections of the pumpkins, mix Winsor Orange with Winsor Red in a small puddle. Use a 3/4 inch flat brush, or any large flat, to side load, as in a float, this coat on each section. The color side of the floats are all turned toward section 1 of the pumpkin each time. Dry.

Wet a larger area than you need at the bottom of the pumpkin. Use Lamp black to do a small area to establish a base, paint will spread. Dry.

Mix puddles of Winsor Orange, and a puddle of Sap Green, and one with Sap Green plus Cadmium Yellow. Drop these one or two at time at the edge of pumpkin, then use a straw to blow the paint out away from the pumpkin. Spatter with a toothbrush with these remaining colors. Enjoy!

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  • Margaret on

    We hope to have more watercolor projects in the future! Great job Cindy!

  • Ruth Green on

    Absolutely love this Cindy! Great project!

  • Kathy Vincent on

    This is Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary Jayne Halkey on

    Hi Cindy
    Love this project! Thanks,
    Mary Jayne

  • Sue Snethen on

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to try — thank you!

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