Freebie Project! Winter Splendor by Linda Lover

Margaret Riley freebie projects inspiration

Designed by Linda Lover

This beautiful ornament brings to life the fun and excitement of bringing home the Christmas tree with the family! What a perfect gift...


  • Fancy Oval Ornament (available from Item #62974) Suitable for small canvas or similar sized round or square ornament surfaces; Oval measures 4 ¼” x 3 ¼”  

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints

  • Black Forest Green
  • Country Red
  • Eggshell
  • Georgia Clay
  • Golden Straw
  • Honey Brown
  • Lamp Black
  • Midnite Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Orange Twist
  • Soft Black
  • Titanium White
  • Dazzling Metallics, Champagne Gold
  • Brush-on varnish (optional)


  • Shader #4, #10
  • Round #3
  • Liner #10/0, #1
  • Bristle Angle (foliage) or scruffy traditional angle ¼”
  • (if a scruffy brush is too flared for the small tops of evergreens, use a small liner or round)


  • Water basin
  • Paper towel
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Graphite transfer paper
  • Spattering tool or toothbrush
  • Ribbon or jute for hanger


Basecoat ornament Titanium White using a #10 shader.  Dry.  Use clean inkjet paper or a piece of brown paper bag to sand.  This will smooth the basecoated surface and there is little to no grit.  Simply brush off with clean paper towel.

Paint a second time, leaving the top cap free as it will be painted upon completion.  Load the #10 shader with Titanium White and Navy Blue, pre-blend, and paint the sky area keeping the white paint along the edge.

Transfer line work to tracing paper. Apply over dry basecoated surface using graphite transfer paper on a need basis. Quite often some line work can be done freeform, such as snowbanks and trees. Be sure the paint is always dry before tracing.


Using a ¼” angle brush stipple in evergreens at the horizon.  Load with an equal mix of Navy Blue and Black Forest Green on the brush heel and touch the brush toe in Titanium White.  Use the brush on the chisel edge to create the look of clustered evergreens.  For more highlight, use only the very corner bristles with Titanium White to gently touch for tree tops.

Basecoat the entire house with a # 8 shader and Titanium White.  Dry.  Load the shader with Titanium White and touch one corner sparingly in Navy Blue to shade. Because the colors are used for sky and snow, use the color that will offer the stronger contrast against these.  Line the narrow roof edge Titanium White with a #3 round, use a #1 liner to line beneath for contrast.  Double load a #3 round with Titanium White and Navy Blue, flatten tip, paint chimney.  Use an inky consistency of Titanium White and the round brush to paint smoke.  Basecoat windows with Titanium White using the tip of a #3 round flattened.  Dry.  Double load the round with Orange Twist and Georgia Clay to paint windows.  Line windows with a #10/0 liner and Navy Blue; use a brush that has enough water to keep the paint fluid

Paint foreground beginning with Titanium White, and picking up Navy Blue, paint to the bottom. Dry.  Snow will be touched up and highlighted as details are added.

Paint snowman with a #3 round and Titanium White, blot with clean paper towel to let some of the background show through.  Paint left side with Titanium White to highlight.  Paint hat, stick arms, and dot buttons Soft Black with a #10/0 liner.  Paint scarf Napa Red and highlight Orange Twist.  Double load the tip of the #10/0 liner with Georgia Clay and Orange Twist, dot nose.  Line hatband Georgia Clay. Touch up ground beneath.

Double load a #3 round with Soft Black and Eggshell, paint evergreen trunk for a guideline.  Use a ¼” angle bristle or a ¼” scruffy traditional bristle.  Shape in the evergreen with Midnite Green.  Change to a smaller brush like a liner or small round if needed to keep evergreen detail small at the top.  Use the brush corner and Titanium White to add “snow”.  Touch with additional Midnite Green if contrast is needed against the background snow.  Use a liner with trunk colors and add broken lines if the trunk has been stippled over while painting boughs. Touch up snow beneath the evergreen.

Paint fence posts with a double load of Eggshell and Soft Black using a #3 round.  Paint wire with a double load of Lamp Black and Titanium White using a #10/0 liner.

A #3 round, a #10/0 liner and a #4 shader were used to paint the car.  Detail the car with Country Red; highlight Orange Twist.  Paint the wood part Honey Brown.  Paint windows Lamp Black and dry brush Titanium White for frost. Line the wood with Golden Straw. Paint tires Lamp Black, highlight Titanium White; hub caps are Golden Straw.  Dot handles Soft Black.  Mix Titanium White and Lamp Black to a light grey and paint bumpers. Use the corner of a shader to shape in the evergreen on top of the car with Midnite Green; highlight Titanium White.  Double load liner with Soft Black and Titanium White to paint trunk bottom.  Dry brush headlight reflection with a double load of Orange Twist and Golden Straw.  Touch up ground beneath.  

Spatter Titanium White for snow.

Double load a #10 shader to paint cap with a wash of Navy Blue.  Load the shader with Champagne Gold and touch a corner in Navy Blue.  Paint cap keeping the bottom of each layer darker.  While paint is wet, wipe brush, touch corner in Titanium White and highlight the top of each layer on the cap.

Dry.  Optional to varnish. Attach hanger.

(you may need to adjust the size for the ornament you have)

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  • Barbara L Duncan on

    Beautiful project! I have always loved Linda Lover’s designs, and will be sure to paint this design up for next year’s craft show.

  • Patty on

    This is so cute! Thank you!

  • Margaret on

    Linda is a great Artist. We are so pleased so many of you are thrilled with Linda’s project!! We know we are!!

  • Agnes KettermanDobert on

    Thank you so much. this is a wonderful project. Can’t wait to paint it.

  • Lela on

    Thanks so much for the freebie project! You did a great job of explaining in the directions. Happy Holidays!!

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