Freebie Project: Winter Wonderland!

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Simple design but will look elegant upon a shelf, on a window ledge, or on a mantel. This can be displayed from Thanksgiving through Easter.


Folk Art Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint

  • 2943 Autumn Leaves
  • 2950 Bright Green
  • 2905 Cinnamon
  • 2916 Fresh Cut Grass
  • 2923 Light Blue
  • 2924 Look At Me Blue
  • 2957 Pure Black
  • 2908 Real Brown
  • 2932 Steel Gray
  • 2989 Teddy Bear Brown
  • 2938 Titanium White
  • 2904 Vivid Orange

Royal & Langnickel Sunburst Taklon

  • Flat Series L2070 Nos. 1/4", 1/2", 1”
  • Liner Series L2050 Nos. 00
  • Round Series L2000 No. 4
  • Round Nylon Fabric Dye Scrubber Series R395 No. 4
  • Fan Series L2030 No. 1


  • Water basin
  • Palette paper or disposable foam plates
  • Paper towels
  • Black graphite paper
  • Tracing paper and pencil
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Stylus

Note: Use brush size to accommodate area painting unless instructed differently. Shading is done on left side and highlighting on the right side unless instructed differently.


  1. Sand all sides and wipe off sanding dust.
  2. Paint all blocks Titanium White.
  3. Using pencil, trace pattern onto tracing paper.
  4. Placing graphite paper between pattern and wood block, trace on pattern tracing on the horizon line only until instructed later to apply the details.



  1. On top of block, mark 1-3/4” squares and paint two Pure Black alternating with Titanium White squares.


  1. Paint sky Look At Me Blue.

Ground snow

  1. Ground/Snow is painted Titanium White.
  2. Float Steel Gray along division of ground.

Background trees

  1. Using fan brush and pulling from horizon upward, add Titanium White background trees. Let dry.
  2. Shade/float Steel Gray along bottom of tree line.


  1. Trace on remaining design.


  1. Using liner brush, add Titanium White snowflakes and adding Titanium White dip-dots at ends of longest lines.
  2. Paint laser cut snowflakes Titanium White (if using) and glue in sky area.


  1. Paint trunk sections Teddy Bear Brown, shade on left side with Real Brown, and highlight on right side in Cinnamon.
  2. Each limb is painted Fresh Cut Grass with Bright Green shading.
  3. Snow clumps are Titanium White with Bright Green shading along bottom edges.


  1. Using fabric brush, tap on Titanium White adding Steel Gray around all sides as well as between each “body section” and on left side of each button. Be sure there is not a definitely line between the gray and white; blend and tap to soften out using both Titanium White and Steel Gray.
  2. Add Pure Black buttons, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and headband with a touch of Titanium White highlight to eyes and buttons.
  3. With liner brush, add Vivid Orange nose with Autumn Leaves shading and a touch of Titanium White highlighting.
  4. Arms are painted Teddy Bear Brown.
  5. Using fabric brush, tap on Autumn Leaves ear muffs with Teddy Bear Brown shading.


  1. Add Steel Gray shading under tree and snowman plus left side shadow by snowman.

Small Blocks

  1. Paint all blocks Titanium White.


  1. On two blocks paint two 1-1/4” Pure Black checks on each side of a white one; on remaining block one black check in center.
  2. Apply pattern except words.
  3. On blocks with two black checks, paint center Light Blue and top border and bottom border in Look At Me Blue.
  4. On remaining block, paint small checks in Light Blue and Look At Me Blue leaving two white areas white. Add a Look At Me Blue line along checks to divide them from the white center section.
  5. Apply remaining designs on all small blocks.
  6. Use stylus to add Titanium White triangle dot cluster on “Winter” block.
  7. Add snowflakes on “Land” block (paint like snowflakes on large block).
  8. Paint “Winter” and “Land” Titanium White and ”Wonder” Look At Me Blue.
  9. Glue on laser snowflakes (optional) to each small block (refer to photo).


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  • Margaret on

    Sue Braun….contact me directly and I will email the pattern/instructions to you. Thanks….Margaret

  • Sue Braun on

    how do you print out the freebie projects??? I don’t see a way to get them. can I get another email when the line drawings arrive and a way to retrieve the instructions.

  • Madellen on

    Prayers for all those in harms way. And for volunteers giving their hearts to help.

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