Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Favors

Margaret Riley

Want to WOW your guests for Thanksgiving with great favors on your Thanksgiving table? On a limited budget? Let’s share some simple ideas to make great favors.

  1. Dip a sugar ice cream cone into melted chocolate so that you have a chocolate 1/4"-1/2” rim around the top. Quickly before chocolate sets up, dip into fall colored sprinkles. Fill the cones with orange jelly beans or candy corn. Place into sucker bags or wrap in white toile netting and secure with colored ribbon. If you want to suggest that your guests eat their candy, then you can dip ice cream into their cones for the remainder of the dessert. (great one here: )

  2. Fill a mason jar (pint or jelly) with fall candy. Add a circle of fabric under the ring to cover the lid. Glue on pumpkins, silk flowers, or a small turkey. Add berries on a wire around ring.
  3. Glue a fall leaf to twine and tie around a napkin. Slip in a small candy bar between the leaf and the napkin.
  4. Paint a small terra cotta pot orange. Add brown lines for indentations seen on pumpkins. Add a green foam or silk leaf to the top. Paint a small wood knob green to glue to the top. Add one half of a brown pipe cleaner that has been wrapped around a pencil to achieve a curl. Glue to green knob.
  5. Dip pretzel rods in chocolate and roll in fall colored sprinkles. Place in a pretzel rod sack and secure with a ribbon.
  6. Bake small individual nutbreads for each guest to take home. You can make these and freeze ahead. Place in a zip-type bag and wrap a colorful fall plaid ribbon around it and a simple bow. Add a tag that says, “We are thankful that you are part of our day!”
  7. Place a pre-made tag on each plate with the person’s name on it. Add a twine bow to the tag.
  8. Fill empty jelly jars with popcorn. Glue a fall colored leaf on top. Add a tag that says, “We hope you have a popping good time today!” or “Wishing our corny friends Happy Thanksgiving!”

  9. Place candy corn in snack size plastic bag. Add a label that says “Turkey Toes”.
  10. Helium balloons are $1.00 at a Dollar Tree Store. Buy one for each guest and tie it to their chair.

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