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Our Fun & Trendy section will be full of cool things we find online about art, decorative painting, style trends and other beautiful things that spark our interest... 

Junk Mail Collages by Derek Gores

These beautiful pieces of art give me so many ideas! It's all about color, composition and accents, and would be great to incorporate painting and other beautiful elements... See more of Derek's work here »
Visit his website here »

Watercolors by Rachael McNaughton

Rachael's soft and vibrant style makes me want to break out the watercolors right now in the dreary heart of winter! So inspirational... See more of her work here » 
and here on Pinterest »

Designs by Nina Stajner

Nina is on Instagram (another Tech Corner for later!) and Etsy and you can't help but go "Awwwww...." when you see her little critters. Too cute! See her work at her shop here »
Follow her on Instagram here »

Magnolias are HOT for 2017!

They're the on-trend flower for right now and we just love their big waxy blossoms and lacquered leaves... the perfect subject for spring! Painting by Robyn Joy Chapman »


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  • SAndra gOodale on

    This is a great big thank you to your staff and you Laura! The magazine is the best! Thank goodness we once again have a colourful and very interesting painting magazine we can actually grab onto and hold! You have some very talented artists submitting their creative designs! I find each issue better than the last! Also a great addition to your magazine is your blog! Not just saying that because I am in the current issue! Lol! It’s great fun to be a part of this very informative blog! Great work on this too! Well done I look forward to each new issue of the magazine and I can’t wait to read each new blog post. Thank you

  • Pat Fagan on

    This is the best issue yet! Love so many of the projects this time. Keep up the good work. Beautiful cover art by Mabel Blanco; love the colors. I love this new blog with even more info. Thank you.

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