Fun & Trendy #2

Laura Rucker inspiration internet style

Learn to make your own Washi Tape with Andy Skinner! 

Andy makes this so much fun and so easy, check out his video here »

How to Make Washi Tape

 Watercolor Seascape Class by Maria Stezhko

I personally ADORE watercolors! They're so portable, easy to clean up and you can get the most astonishing results with so little work... This class I found on, which is a site you can take online classes about all kinds of crafts and arts, from Marie Stezhko. Go here to check it out »

Tromp L'oeil Floorcloths

This piece is done by Carol Pascale, a wonderful artist who does fine art and decorative painting on commission in Pennsylvania. Click on the Pinterest post to see her full website. See the Pinterest post here »

Rock On! 

Things that make us go SQUEEEE!! When I was a kid I used to paint rocks all the time, thought they were so much fun! When I found this fantastic blog it brought back great memories. Not to mention this artist is SO clever! Love everything on there... Check out Heather's blog at Twin Dragonfly Crafts »

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