Fun & Trendy #3

Laura Rucker

Just fun things I've found around the internet that inspire me to create and explore this magical world of art! 

Stunning watercolor botanical illustrations by Chinese artist Li Hui, found on Pinterest here »

I LOVE this artist, Paul Corfield. He uses clean shapes, bright colors and crisp textures in his beautiful paintings, creating a depth of field that brings you right into the scene. Landscapes certainly don't have to be heavily detailed to be wonderful art! All the power is in the color, shape and composition... Visit Paul Corfield's website for more »

These are BIC® PENS!?!? Can you remember being in school, doodling in your notebooks with these? Jennifer Johansson never quit, and look at her amazing work now! A truly talented artist can make beauty with the simplest of tools... Visit Jennifer's blog »

Dimensional glass paintings with Priscilla Hauser, MDA. Priscilla is one of the founders of our beloved industry, and one of my personal favorites! She started the entire concept of painting parties that are now the hottest trend in the country, and continues to come up with innovative and inspiring ideas year after year.

A round of applause for our much-loved Priscilla, a fabulous teacher and a great example to us all!
Check out her website here for more about the glass painting » 
She has tons of amazing online classes you're going to love...

 Wonderful bright funky prints by Karla Gerard, a folk artist from Waterville, Maine. I just adore this type of art, and love how cheerful and fun it is! Shop her work on Etsy here » or her gallery here »

(I seriously want this for my living room...)

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  • Judy Farnham on

    Love them and the art with Bic Pens. Must try it with students.

  • Irene on

    Some really neat art items.

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