Get Crafty With The Kids!

Margaret Riley crafts inspiration

Have you noticed all the kits available in the mass merchant stores geared toward children? How many of you have purchased any? Nice to have all the supplies in the kit, isn’t it? But where has the imagination gone to create something of your own that you, or your child, can say, “I created AND designed this myself!”? Don’t get me wrong, kits are great, but sometimes the quality just isn’t there. I used to design for a company that manufactured kits and know all the time that goes into creating one. Kits can be of good quality or just full of junk.

There are many supplies out on the market to create with….for ALL ages. Kids seem to enjoy chenille stems, pom-poms, wiggly eyes, glitter, etc. It is fun to purchase all the various supplies and put them in front of children just to see how their imagination works to create! Plus there are many inexpensive to free surfaces for them to use. Try saving paper towel tubes, tin cans, Styrofoam meat trays, and more so they can glue and create to their hearts content.

Craft magazines used to be everywhere. Now you can find kids crafts on-line. But doesn’t it aggravate you to find something on the internet only to find no instructions or patterns to go along with it? I am going to let you in on a secret that there is a possibility of a new on-line craft magazine going to appear in 2018 with projects for kids that will include photos, patterns, and instructions with an occasional video for a project. Are you excited? I am!!! I am always thinking of things for my grandbabies to create…..four very talented people with great imaginations for creating! Memories have been made and more memories will flood their little minds in future projects

Kids LOVE to be creative! So hug a child and lead them to the table full of fun items to create with! Keep a child busy to keep his mind occupied. A busy child will stay out of trouble. Children don’t have to be bored if you have a box full of items to create with. With the holidays approaching, let’s keep those children creating!

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  • Donna Ingram on

    My 6 grand children are all getting art kits for Christmas from me. Their ages range 12 months, 2 years , 3 years, 6 years, 7 years, and 9 years. The 12 months and 2 year olds are Mess Free Kits. I am very interested in the new magazine for kids.

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