Greetings to All!

Karen Brenden

Where has the newsletter/blog gone? Is it coming back? Well, we have great news!! Starting around the 15th of May, we will be returning to bring you articles, projects, recipes, and more! We had to take a break to reorganize with having a new venue in ownership, but we guarantee that you’ll be receiving fun things to do and see in our upcoming newsletters/blogs! We so appreciate your patience and hoping that you haven’t given up on us. If you have some ideas to share or would like to submit something that you are doing, please forward it to us to review. We try to keep up with trends and designs in many areas, but we sometimes get going down a path and forget to veer off to find new and exciting “stuff”! If you want to catch us and show us a new path, we will be glad to see a new adventure or design.
We here at Loon Publishing, LLC welcome you back and bow to those that are dedicated in viewing our newsletter/blog. For those in cooler states, it’s time to welcome spring. And for those in warmer states, welcome summer! Give us two or three weeks to get reorganized, and we’ll be ready to bring you some great spring/summer endeavors to create and admire! Stand and applause that we are back! Hooray!
Margaret and Karen

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  • Roberta Bull on

    So glad to have you back. !

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