Happy Mother's Day!

Diane Marie Kellogg create Mother's Day paint

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day. Sunday, May 12, 2019.  It's not that far away. We still have time to paint that special gift for our beloved mother.

Patterns are readily available full of flowers, a traditional Mother's Day gift. For some moms, that is the way to go.

Other moms are not so conventional. I know a few moms who fit the not-so-classic matriarch. One loves anything baseball while another is into dogs. (She has six!) The range of designs available to us, through magazines, books, packets and electronic media is overflowing. Wonderful art meant for us to reproduce it with heartfelt talent. 

So take the time to think what is the best subject for your mom. Look at all the great designers out there. Many have awesome websites with quick shipping and some even offer electronic versions of their designs. Visit your local arts and crafts store to see what they have. Look through your stash of painting books, maybe the perfect idea is right under your nose. 

Consider your surface. Something useful or something decorative? A scarf or a flower pot. We are fortunate with the wide variety of surfaces available to us.

Pick up that brush, grab some paint and go! 
Hug mom while you are at it!



Image by Olga Oginskaya from Pixabay

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