Home Décor Change for the New Year

Margaret Riley decorating inspiration

Home Décor Change for the New Year

By Margaret Riley

Are you getting cabin fever? Are the walls closing in on you? Winter blues? Did I say Blue? There’s a great color! The color of our spacious sky can bring the winter blues to a halt. Look around your home….what do you see? Same thing you’ve been looking at for years? Let’s do something different. ‘What?’ you say? Just rearranging furniture can get you a “new” look. Making or buying pillows to replace the present ones will be a great change…make them blue!!! Or paint a bright flower on a pair of pillows to add some happiness to your room. Perhaps all those masterpieces you’ve painted that adorn your wall would look great in another room. Switch around your wall hangings!

When we moved into our home four years ago, I researched what the wall colors would be painted in two years ahead and found white was the color of choice. Amazingly, white walls are still the way to go. (I love my all white walls!) You can paint one wall of a room with an accent color or use stencils to give some change to the solid color on all walls. I painted walls, woodwork, and all doors white and now can change rugs, pillows, and or curtains to change the décor. It is easier to paint a pair of pillows or a valance than to totally change the color of four walls.

Stenciling is a popular way to make a change without repainting the entire room. Just find a design you love and stencil it on a solid colored wall. When fall comes and you are tired of it, you’ll only have one wall to paint to have a new color for winter!

I decided to change a couple doors with color for an instant change. In our state, you might have a door leading out of a guest bath or hall onto your lanai and pool. Our door is a flat door, and I debated on painting a mural tropical scene on the door (maybe in the future!). It was white and always being washed of soiled hands touching it. DecoArt and Plaid both have paint that you can apply to doors (and shutters). The container holds just the right amount to do a door. For the outside surface of our pool door, I chose a light brown to coordinate with the tile walled lanai. What a difference! Adding a wreath with shells just gave the lanai a new look. While I was at it, I repainted all the furniture and décor in the lanai and around the pool. Whew!


The door leading from the guest bath into the lanai and pool area needed a face lift, too. I chose a color two shades darker than the painted area of the bathroom wall. It still goes well with the tile half up on the walls outside the shower and blends with the tile floor. When the door is open during nicer weather, the color will blend in with the colors on the lanai (just pure luck on that coloring!!).


Our laundry door leads out to the garage….again….white. The laundry room is all tile from floor to ceiling, so, I wanted something that would brighten up the small room but not be too shocking when you turned on the light (no windows in this room). I did a mixture of a dark turquoise and white to make a coastal blue color. I’ll change out the rug runner to coordinate with the new door color!

I only made a couple changes to doors and already feel uplifted and smiling to a “new look”! Paint and fabric are great things to bring into a room to make it spring-like new!

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