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Once a month, in one issue, we will give you some chuckles! Chuckles from teachers, students, and designers that have stories to tell us. They say laughter is good for the soul, but we only hope that we can put a smile on your face!

While sitting in a classroom, we were presented with about 6 bottles of paint. Our instructor said, “Always shake your bottle of paint vigorously!” The lady across from me picked up a bottle of BRIGHT green paint and started shaking only to see it go flying to the side of her adding a brilliant hue of green color to her neighbor. The look on the Green Lady’s face was priceless!

She, as well as everyone else in the room, were shocked at how quickly paint is disbursed when a cap comes off in mid-air plus we were very surprised at it happening. But everyone started racing toward our painted lady with rolls of paper towels in hand. We were having the class in a home based studio, and there was only one thing to do….have the lady step into the residence shower!

She was a great sport about it! While she was enjoying an evening shower, we all were wiping off green paint from the table, the wall, the chairs, etc. To this day, I always tighten my bottle of paint before shaking it! Sure wouldn’t want a painted lady sitting beside me!

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