Humor from Sue Scheewe-Brown

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Sue Scheewe-Brown has traveled extensively in teaching painting. Perhaps you have taken one of her classes? In her travels, she has had some experiences to laugh about and willing to share a couple with us. We will share one now and then another one later.

One of the funniest events that happened to us was at the Oklahoma City Tole Diggers convention years ago. We were having dinner with a group of our painting friends at the convention hotel. The waiter said he would fix us all a special drink. As he peeled an orange and with some liquor going over it, the fire alarm was set off. Fire trucks were coming and arrived with painters coming down from their rooms, some in pajamas and some with no make-up.  

Thankfully it was not serious but our table stayed seated, but I went outside…just in case. (Sadly, we all wrote favorably for the waiter, but he was let go.) Our group always had just wonderful times together. 

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