Las Vegas Convention and Hoot Convention 2018 by Ruth Green

Margaret Riley

Las Vegas Convention and HOOT Convention 2018

By Ruth Green

Las Vegas Convention 2018

Earlier this year in February, I attended the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas for the first time. For many years, I wanted to attend. Finally, I made my arrangements to meet my longtime painting friend, Pat, at the convention, and plans were set in place.

The convention trade show was amazing for me. Since I had never gone out west for painting trade show, there were vendors present that were new to me. I spent hours walking and buying plus I got to see old friends I hadn't seen for years. I was completely happy with the show.

While there, I was able to talk with Jayne Jones. She runs a tight ship, sticking to business practices with no exceptions. Jayne was extremely busy during the convention and was well involved with all aspects of the show. She works throughout the year to make all this happen. This convention has been held for 27 years, the first 25 years were with Jay Sharp and Jayne hosted solo the last 2. Jayne oversees the registration as well. Records show that three people have attended all 27 conventions.

If you don’t live close enough to drive, there are many direct flights to Las Vegas. If you “shop” early enough, you can possibly take advantage of lower fares. Some may have to have a change of flights, but it will all be worth it when you arrive at this convention! Students come from as far away as Japan, Australia, and even Israel to attend and partake in classes. Classes are held for all skill levels and are held every day of the week during the show. Classes are not held on Wednesday mornings so everyone can take advantage of getting their shopping done before any scheduled classes that day. This convention has two-day intensive studies held the weekend immediately following the show.

The Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention will be held February 24-March 1, 2019. Books are available now in print and online. The exhibit hall will be open February 27-March 1.

For more information on this show, you can email Jayne at: or call her at (702) 221-8234. You may visit them online at:



HOOT Convention 2018 (plus updates for 2019)

Hoot has just completed their 38th Annual Convention, and sadly, 2019 will be their last. Already this year, there were tears and hugs on Saturday as some are unsure if they will be able to attend a year from now. The 2019 Hoot Convention will be extremely emotional for those of us that do go, as so many good friends will be left behind as we walk out that convention hall for the last time. I have personally attended this show for the past 23 years.

In the beginning, we rode on a bus out of Ft. Wayne and looked forward to that 1-day HOOT trip for months. There was a joke among us....we would pack our bag, set it by the door, and pretend it was time to go by picking it up and walking out! It was the best trip of the year for me back when my children were young, and I didn't leave the county often without them. Soon, we started going for the week, taking classes, and fully experiencing the Hoot Convention. I never missed a year at HOOT, and I planned on taking my vacation time six months in advance. We once joked that if the boss wouldn't let us off work for HOOT, we would simply quit!

This year's trade show floor was well attended, and on Thursday, it was hard to get into the booths due to so many attending. Friday's trade show was also well attended throughout the day. I did not attend on Saturday. Rumor has it that there were over 400 guests registered to participate in classes.


As always, Free Demonstrations were available to anyone attending the Trade Show.

Cindy Moser demonstrates pouring with Acrylics for DecoArt

David Bailey and Mark Polomchak demonstrate watercolors.

There are some changes for HOOT's last convention. At the banquet, HOOT Chairperson Sheila Smith informed us about the events that led up to these changes. Sheila stated that the HOOT Chapter was uncertain if they wanted to hold the convention in 2019. The decision was delayed, and once they reached an agreement to have the show, the Convention Center was no longer available in August on their usual dates. The committee chose to take the July 14-18, 2019 dates that were available for the convention hall. There is one issue with these dates. It seems that a few other large conventions are also in Columbus at that same time, leaving very few rooms available for HOOT attendees. Sheila worked with the Drury Hotel, and was able to reserve 10 rooms at that facility, which I imagine are already booked. She is currently working with the Hyatt, and they have reserved 125 rooms with registration to be available sometime in November. She is also working with other hotels near the Convention Center and is planning on having shuttle service from those locations to HOOT.

Also, Sheila announced that next year's raffle quilt will be made by the artists that have taught classes throughout the years. Quilt squares were handed out to teachers that were there that evening. Teaching packets are available now with the deadline to submit by September 1, 2018. Sheila stated that the HOOT Catalog is expected to be mailed out in January 2019. She informed us that updates will be added to the HOOT website and to their Facebook page as news unfolds.

The theme for next years Convention will be "Thanks for the Memories!" Special events are being planned and will be announced as finalized. Please check the HOOT Website at or their Facebook page for updates.

It was suggested by a banquet attendee that next year's centerpieces simply be boxes of Kleenex. I completely agree that may not be a bad idea.

All good things come to an end. Hoot will be greatly missed by so many. Special thanks to the HOOT Chapter for all those wonderful years of memories and to all the vendors and teachers throughout the years that not only taught us so much about painting, but also about lasting friendships. Being a part of all this has greatly enriched my life in so many ways.


Ruth Green has been a DecoArt Helping Artist since 1998.  She has traveled to and worked at many Decorative Painting Conventions throughout the United States as well as the CHA Convention.  When not at conventions, she teaches classes locally and works a full-time job.  Contact Ruth at or find her on Facebook!



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  • Cindy Moser on

    Ruth, what a great job covering these conventions. You are so right, they are what I have looked forward to over the years. The many friendships that have been made. How I mourn the end of HOOT, and wish all the best to the remaining conventions. Thank you for putting it into words.

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