Lunch Bags for School (or Work)!

Margaret Riley crafts freebie projects

By Margaret Riley
Are you one that packs a lunch for your child every day? Do you use a lunch box? Or do you pack just a brown bag? If you do a lunch box, pack a special treat in a decorated lunch bag to slip inside. Or just send the lunch in one of these decorated lunch bag!

Don’t have time you say? Do the coloring during a lunch break or while watching TV. Better yet, while you are fixing dinner, have your child do the coloring. You can have them use colored pencils, non-smear markers, or coloring crayons.

The lunch bug is a simple design that we have included instructions and pattern for you as well as the kitty! If you want to be creative with food for “lunch bagging it”, find some ideas on Pinterest. Go to your search line and type in Fun Food Crafts. Such great ideas! The celery bugs are outstanding and a hit with the young school aged children.

We are just going to show you the lunch bags and the food creation will be up to you! One of our contributors, Cindy Mann Vitale, will be making some great cookies to share with you along with the recipe in a future issue, so be sure to watch for it!! Plus, she’ll be giving a fabulous project for you to use and serve cookies in for the fall season, not to mention sneaking some into a lunch bag! We hope you enjoy these fun and easy creations to adorn a lunch bag!

By Margaret Riley
5-1/4” x 10-1/2” brown or white lunch sacks

Colors of choice of colored pencils, non-smear/fast drying colored markers, or coloring crayons

Other supplies

Line drawings (click to download)

Tracing paper and pencil
Black graphite paper

For both designs, trace designs using pencil and tracing paper. Slip black graphite paper between the tracing paper and the lunch bag. Using pencil, retrace your lines to transfer design to the lunch bag surface.

1. Using coloring medium of your choice, color in each area. Suggestions:
Body: Turquoise
Head: Yellow
Small hearts: Bright Pink
Large Hearts: Yellow Green with Chartreuse Green shading on left side
Dots on wings: Yellow
Wings: Bright Pink
Eyes: White with Black dots
2. Outline everything in Black plus antennas, eyebrows, and mouth.

1. Using coloring medium of your choice, color in each area. Suggestions:
Eyes: Green
Nose: Black
Tongue and inside of ears: Pink
Points on body and tail: Brown
Head, ears, tail, feet, body, and legs: Dark Tan
2. Outline everything in Black plus whiskers, mouth, and eyebrows.

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  • Nancy Philipp on

    I painted pictures on our youngest son snack bags when he was in kindergarten…had a new one everyday…his teacher let him show them for show & tell. He is over 40 now😊

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