Manicure Tips for the Artist

Margaret Riley style

By Margaret Riley

Manicure tips? In a painting blog? It seems unusual, but how many of you have had your nails done professionally or by yourself to only have it ruined when acrylic paint gets on your nails? Frustrating, right? Fear no more! You can use rubbing alcohol to take off that paint. It might take a little pressure, but it should work. You can also use non-acetone fingernail polish remover, but it will take away the shine. Just dip your finger into the remover and lightly wipe away the acrylic paint. You can apply a coat of clear polish to get the shine back. But, try the rubbing alcohol first. I was a licensed nail tech for many years (along with working in this industry!), and I learned many tricks when caring for nails.

If you are going to teach a class, do video taping of a technique, or make an appearance on a TV show, do try to have a licensed nail tech do your nails. The length that is best is called sports length. Keep your nails simple if your hands are going to be on camera. You want the attention to go to what you are creating, not your nails. But if your nails are poorly done, you WILL have attention drawn to those ugly nails. A natural look is best to have when filming and a soft color nail polish, if you want them painted.

I love seeing my painted nails when I’m painting. Lifts my spirit! If you aren’t one for having your nails painted, try putting on a clear coat to give your nails a shiny, healthy appearance. People do look at your hands. Polish and paint go hand-in-hand (figuratively speaking!). Getting a manicure gives you a boost, too. According to the dictionary, manicure means a cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails. Go ahead! Splurge and pamper yourself!

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  • Ruth Green on

    great article Margaret! I just tried the rubbing alcohol and it worked great! And good advice to have nice nails for teaching. That’s something I never thought of, although I do wear polish most of the time. Great advice!

  • Cindy Mann Vitale on

    This is for me! My nails are a mess…sigh. I’ve always had trouble keeping my nails looking ‘pretty.’

  • Nancy Przybyl on

    Just this last year I was introduced to dip powder polish for my nails, find it holds up for 3weeks if done well. I work with home decor paints and stains , and tend to do a lot of special match for customers. Have been extrermly happy how my nails hold up

  • Robin Ireland on

    For sssooooo many years I’ve watched my friends and relatives go around with beautiful fingernails. I’ve settled for just my toes. Now i can FINALLY do my fingers! Thank you sssooooo much!!!

  • Margaret Riley on

    Great suggestions to those that submitted! I haven’t tried the scrubby sponge and will certainly put it on my purchasing list to have as a regular in my clean-up area! Thanks much!!! I love getting suggestions from the readers! :-)

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