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by Margaret Riley

New products are always on the horizon, and we here at Loon Publishing are going to try to keep you updated on the newest and the latest. Sometimes it might be old news to you, but we have readers who haven’t seen the multitudes of products out there on the market.
Today we’d like to introduce you to a company that has been in the hobby/craft industry for decades…Testors. Who are they, you might ask? We know you recognize those little glass bottles of enamel paint that are used on plastic models. Yes, that’s the company.

Testors is introducing a line of acrylic paint to you. It comes in a two-ounce squeeze bottle and is a great pigmented paint. It reminds of you a paint consistency that some companies had decades ago. Wonderful to work with!

Just recently received were some spray paints. One was a black paint. Why would you use this black spray paint? It’s a base for the Color Shift spray paint. The color changes with the type of lighting. I did a before and after photo of a metal door wreath hanger. I didn’t sand or do anything prior to the process of spraying. Now I have a new door hanger! See more on Testors YouTube video

Before and after images

Their spray paints come in a variety of colors plus glitter! Testors has a spray to achieve a chalkboard finish. What could be easier than spraying it on? How about chalk spray? They have that, too! And airbrushing! Ever thought about having one to use in watercolor painting or to do a background.
You might be interested in their Marbling Medium. Oh the variety this company does have!!

For a complete listing of their products, go to: You’ll be amazed on the paints they carry.

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  • Phyllis Kohnke on

    The Testor’s paint sounds great! It will be good to have an alternative to the regular paint that is available. Basecoating is so tedious. I will be trying the Testor’s spray as an alternative.

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