Promote Painting!!

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by Margaret Riley

How do you promote painting?
Do you stand on the roof tops and shout it to everyone? (If you do, let us know so we can take photos!) Or do you even know how to paint? There is a simple solution to this and just one word. CONFIDENCE!! Are you humming that song we have heard in a movie? “He’s got confidence, he’s got confidence…” Now’s the time to pull on your boots and wade through puddles of paint to create! (Or go barefoot for foot painting!).

If you are not a painter, find a class to attend. Grab a friend and go to one of those “wine and painting” stores. Then ask another and another!! In time you will have confidence to teach a class of your own around a table in your home or garage. Or have a backyard “paint-in”! Everyone dress up in “hippie” gear and paint away! (Hmmmm…do you see a painted t-shirt in your future?)

If you have been a painter for many years and have only created a duplicate of another artist’s work, now is the time to share what you have learned from others. Take a deep breath, gather up some friends, and show them how easy it is to paint. Having 2-3 people at first will show you that you CAN teach! Before long, you will have 20+ students plus some income to buy more paints with!

Promote painting by displaying all your creations at your local library. Sell your work at local consignment shops and at festivals. If you can’t set up a website of your own, look into Etsy or post on Pinterest to inspire others. No matter where you are, talk about painting! Encourage people to paint. Tell them that it is as easy as pie (speaking of pie, entice people to come to your house to eat pie and then paint a project together!).

If you have other ideas on how to promote painting, please let us know. We’d love to share with our other readers. Two to three decades ago painting was a big smash hit and then it died down to very few items being hand-painted. Let’s get paint brushes back into hands of non-painters. If you are reading this, then you can promote painting. Confidence anyone? Can you get someone else hooked on painting?

Attention Grandmothers!
Have those adorable loving grandchildren over for the afternoon. Have Grandpa get out old t-shirts for cover-ups in case some paint just happens to run away from the brush and/or surface. Let them create a modern art form and then have a pattern for them to trace around for more structured painting (i.e. an apple with a worm peeking out, a beach ball on sand, etc.). You have to remember that these young people are the future to keep painting going. So you and our future generations get out there and PROMOTE!!!

Have fun! ~Margaret 


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  • Margaret on

    Hooray Doreen! Keep promoting painting!!

  • doreen on

    I have done a painting seminar for my church family and my Bunco Buds. It was fun and everyone enjoyed painting.

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