Rally 'Round for Christmas!

Margaret Riley inspiration

Have you thought about Christmas yet? It is getting closer and closer! Gift giving can be stressful but maybe it can be easier for you this year. Are your Christmas decorations easy to get to? Now is the time to take inventory to see what survived the storage. And to shop around for good deals to replace items. How do your ornaments look? Do they need to be replaced? Maybe we can help with the ornament situation...


Are you ready to think about shopping for presents? Christmas gift giving can be easy if you take a few moments to plan. List the people who are going to be receiving a gift from you. Then figure out how much you can budget for gift giving. Not enough money? Eliminate someone? Well, that shouldn’t happen just because funding isn’t there. Why don’t you give an ornament to all those friends and even some of the family members? Make it a tradition. You can make the ornaments that can be admired year after year on someone’s tree or wreath. Plus you can do some for your own tree.

Let us help you out. You can subscribe to the Painting World magazine and paint the ornaments in their issue(s). And we are going to put a couple ornaments in our newsletters for you to create. Exciting, huh? We hope you can start a new tradition with our help! Never painted? Never fear…our designers are here! When we seek projects, we try to find simple projects up to advanced painters’ projects.

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  • Margaret on

    Agnes…we will have TWO issues in December!! And Patricia, I can’t translate. I only wish I could. Thanks for writing.

  • Agnes KettermanDobert on

    Happy Thanksgiving Do we get another issue before Christmas?? If so is it the one you have pictured on the email???

  • Patricia Castellon on

    Hola, espero que en algun momento puedan colocar traducción en castellano, ya que latinoamerica queda con ganas de formar parte de sus seguidores.
    Es tambien mi interes de solicitarla via digital, y quisiera que me informen al respecto. Gracias!!!

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