Retro - Where does it fit in the decorative painting world? by Diane Marie Kellogg

Diane Marie Kellogg create retro

Retro. Where does it fit in the decorative painting world?

The free dictionary at gives a description of 'Involving, relating to, or reminiscent of an earlier time; retrospective'.It has also been referred to as 'vintage inspired'.

Ever walk through a clothing store and get that feeling of deja vu. The clothes will have a distinct look of things that you have worn in the past. Sometimes it's just the style but that, coupled with the colors of a forgotten era, combine to pull you back into a different place in time. Often, this includes a sense of nostalgia, a feeling of well being.

 The same can be seen in commercial art prints. They are made to remind us of, old fashion drive-in or a coffee house sign. Pinterest is overflowing with art that takes us back. Just search 'retro'. In recent years, numerous companies and shops have popped up that refinish old furniture pieces. They give new life to an outdated item. This is often achieved with just a certain color or design choice.

The paint companies we deal with in this industry all have great examples of the lovely colors that invoke a feel of an earlier time. They have also introduced many different mediums to work with, ranging from chalk and milk paints to finishes meant to give that vintage look. They have made it much easier to produce the desired effect. Go to your local arts & crafts stores and look through the paint department. From acrylics to specialty finish paints, we have everything we need to create our own retro style.

The use of color in painting can convey a myriad of feelings and emotions. Sometimes it is the color used in the background. It can be the background details, patterns used can speak of days gone by. The subject of the project itself can also elicit that familiar response.

Not one to worry about the past? Yet have an affinity for retro style? Perhaps it's time to bring some retro into your painting world. Seems like that old saying holds some merit... 'Everything old is new again!'

Photo credits-

Woman Shopping Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Furniture Photo  -  ©2019 Jennifer Sutley -  Jenn'sTwisted Vintage.

All other photos -  ©2019 Diane Marie Kellogg

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