Santa Flag

Margaret Riley decorating freebie projects

By Marvel Albitz, Frankfort, IN

Who wouldn’t like to have Santa just hanging around to wave holiday joy to you in a gentle winter wind? We are publishing this flag now to give you plenty of time to have it ready to display when the Christmas season arrives! Ho, ho, ho!!! Marvel has been an artist all her life and enjoys creating new and exciting projects that she is sharing with you now.


  • 16” x 21” RocLon canvas cloth (found in draper lining department in sewing stores)

Paints and Varnish

  • Folk Art Multi-Surface
  • Bright Green 2950
  • Cardinal Red 2900
  • Cinnamon 2905
  • Licorice 2934
  • Light Flesh 2944
  • Steel Gray 2932
  • Titanium White 2938
  • Yellow Ochre 2910
  • Varnish
  • Plaid Folk Art Outdoor Gloss Sealer


  • Nos. 2 and 8 fabric white nylon scrubber
  • No. 4 round
  • No. 10/0 liner
  • 1”-2” brush (for applying varnish)

Other supplies

  • Water container
  • Paper towels
  • Palette paper or foam plate
  • Tracing paper and pencil
  • Scotch tape
  • Black graphite
  • Stylus
  • Scissors
  • E6000 glue
  • Flag pole to accommodate flag size


  1. Preparation: Turn down 2-1/2-inches along one 16” side for the sleeve for flag pole to be slipped through and glue along the edge. Place something heavy on it and allow the glue to dry overnight.

Use appropriate brush for area painting unless directed differently.

You may paint the backside…just leave the face off and paint it all as beard and hair. Also leave the belt buckle and holes off the belt. There would be no trim down center of coat.

The pattern is in three pieces. Trace each onto tracing paper. Overlap to where lines meet and tape together.

Using stylus and graphite, trace pattern onto RocLon with hem at top for flag rod to slip thru. Do not cut out yet.

  1. Coat: Paint Cardinal Red with Cinnamon shading along beard, underarms, and lower edge of belt.
  1. Hat: Paint Cardinal Red with Cinnamon shading along the crease where top of the hat falls onto the main part of the hat.
  1. Mittens: Paint Bright Green with Titanium White highlights on each side of the mitten and crease where thumb is.
  1. Boots: Paint Licorice with Steel Gray highlights on each side of each boot and along the edge of the sole plus the creases at the ankle. Also paint the “triangle” opening above the boots Licorice.
  1. Belt: Paint Licorice with Steel Gray highlights. Add Steel Gray belt holes. Buckle is Yellow Ochre. Add a small amount of Titanium White for reflection highlight on right side.

Face: Paint Light Flesh. Details will be added later.

  1. All fur trim, beard, eyebrows, and mustache: Paint all trim areas plus beard area Steel Gray. Using nylon scrubber appropriate for area painting, pounce in Titanium White being sure to allow Steel Gray to show through Titanium White. This effect will give a fuzzy look to the trim and the beard area plus eyebrows will appear as hair. Using a mixture of Steel Gray and Licorice (2:1), shade under moustache.
  1. Face details:
    • Eyes: Using Titanium White, paint in eyes. Add a Cinnamon iris, Licorice pupil, and a Titanium White reflection dot.
    • Cheek blush: Load Cardinal Red into large scrubber brush and wipe most of it out onto paper towel leaving a hint of color on brush bristles. Scrub color onto cheek area.
    • Nose: Mix Light Flesh with Cinnamon (3:1) to shade around nose and to do nostrils.
    • Eyelashes: Using liner brush, lightly outline eye in Cinnamon. Add Cinnamon eyelashes.
    • Mouth: Paint mouth opening Licorice. Add Cardinal Red lips with a Titanium White reflection line. Add Licorice lines extending from lip outward.
  1. Ho, Ho: Trace letters onto coat. Paint Titanium White.
  1. Holly leaves and berries: Paint each leaf Bright Green. Mix Bright Green and Licorice (3:1) to add a stem in the center of each leaf. Paint berries in Cardinal Red and Titanium White reflection line on each.
  1. Finishing: Apply 2-3 coats of outdoor sealer.

Cut out Santa being sure NOT to cut the top hemmed area so flag pole will slide thru hat and mittens for hanging purposes.

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