Stay at Home: Stay-cations

Margaret Riley

by Margaret Riley

When summer comes, are you short of money? Are you wanting to give a memorable summer to the kiddos? Fear not! We can give you some thoughts on what to do and never leave your area. You might have to do some research, but overall it will be worth it.

You can Google a location you might like to go to. There may be something lurking in the shadows that will entice you. Try to find locations that will appeal to the entire family. Can’t afford Disney? Have Disney come to you! Have everyone transform into their favorite Disney character. Find games to play relating to characters of Disney. Have everyone paint a picture of who they would like to transform into. Hang the photos in the room that is going to be the Stay-cation location. On the internet, you can find games to play, which will be fun for those kiddos! Create Mickey Mouse heads from cookie dough and have the children help with them.

How about a pirate day? Make and paint a pirate ship from a huge box and have everyone dress up like pirates. String beads for necklaces and make pirate patches. Put a kiddy pool in the backyard and make pirate ships to float on it. Make paper sailor hats from newspapers or scrapbook paper. Hide treats/treasures around the yard and have a scavenger hunt from maps you painted.

In the mood for hiking and adventure? Buy inexpensive binoculars and paint them funky colors for each child. Head to the local park and look for different bird types. Have the kiddos draw the birds that they saw. Get the creative art juices flowing! For pre-school children, have them draw trees. Walk all over the park to show nature! Head to the local ice cream store and treat everyone to a milk shake (great on a hot day!).

Want to go to the beach? Purchase a plastic kiddy pool and fill with sand. Give each child a craft stick and have them draw in the sand. Find various sizes of plastic glasses so everyone can create a sand castle. Play beach ball volley ball and have a picnic! Let the children decide the menu, even if it isn’t healthy or crazy. This is their day!

If you have never gone onto the website of Pinterest, take a look. ALL kinds of ideas on there for any type of party. But remember to get the kiddos involved. Let them be creative. After all, teaching them creativity will give the world a future of creative people. Plus, those adorable young people will remember the time you gave to them and your contribution to their memories. So, stay at home or close to home for a fun-filled and creative vacation.

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